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Are rice socks enough

Are rice socks enough

I just recently started considering using a rice sock to warm up, because of the fact that it is easier and less messy. But I have a concern. It came to me that warm water might have the extra benefit of soaking into the skin and actually loosening up the veins. I’m not sure if I am right about this because I am no expert on this stuff. But I know that rice socks leave the dick dry and only warm up the ligaments for the purpose of the stretch. But how about when I want to jelq after my stretch. Do I need to soak my dick in warm water and make it more spongy and flexible and stuff, in order to avoid injury and actually get the results out of my jelq that I am actually doing the jelq for; or is a warm rice sock enough. Is it even necessary to warm up for the purpose of the jelq, or is a warm up only for the purpose of a stretch on the ligs. I know to most of you vets this probably sounds like a stupid question, but in order to avoid injury, and get the best and fastest results possible, I need to know.

Is a rice sock enough of a warm up for a stretch and a jelq, or will a warm wet sock be better?

Someones got to know. So to whoever can help, I would really appreciate the help. I already read a lot of forums and looked around for info on it, but can’t seem to find the pros and cons between the two methods.

Here’s how it works with rice, in a rice sock: The rice in the sock, wherever you store it when not in use, absorbs the ambient moisture about it. The rice may feel dry to you, but it has a lot of moisture stored within the grains. When you heat it up, it gives off that moisture. Result, you are getting a moisture-laden heat bath around your cock.



Also consider the rice sock is easier and less messy.

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I’ve been searching how to do this rice sock but can’t find exact instuctions…How is it done? Do you fill a sock with rice, tie at top, then put in microwave? For how long? do you soak it in water first? cheers

You can buy rice socks or you can make one. I made one by taking an old sock filling it up about 3/4 of the way with rice and then tying the end. I put it in the microwave for around a 1:10 seconds. That’s all there is to it.

cool. This may be a daft question but is it possible the radiation from microwave trandfers to sock then to dick possibly causing dick cancer???

Originally Posted by kingdong69

cool. This may be a daft question but is it possible the radiation from microwave trandfers to sock then to dick possibly causing dick cancer???

If this were the case we’re all in trouble. I nuke damn near everthing I eat.

Originally Posted by kingdong69
cool. This may be a daft question but is it possible the radiation from microwave trandfers to sock then to dick possibly causing dick cancer???

Not to worry. The radiation energy in a microwave is radio frequency which just causes the molecules of the material being targeted to “vibrate” as it were, and the molecular friction results in the heat phenomenon. There is no buildup of radiation in the material being irradiated, and thus cannot be retransmitted.

Your concern is related to residual radioactivity originating in alpha and gamma particles emitted from a nuclear source, which can and do transfer to other substances, but that is definitely not the case with a microwave.


I meant to also mention that in my experience, a rice sock provides a very nice moist heat when used the first time or two during the day, but tends to temporarily dry out as it is re-heated. If you anticipate long warm-up needs make up several. The rice does recover the moisture after not being heated for 6 to 8 hours, might take longer in very dry climates.

I like to use a children’s long tube-type sock partially filled and tied, so you end up with a long, very flexible roll. It can then be wrapped around your unit easily and will stay there even while stretching, clamping or hanging. Experiment with the amount of rice in the sock until yours works for you the way you need.

Someone mentioned in another post that if you use Jasmine rice in the sock, it put off a very nice fragrance after being heated.


Also check out post #6 in the following thread for a very interesting idea!

Question about rice socks


Sorry, but I’m on a roll here.

Also forgot to mention that most any of the smaller uncooked seeds and grains (flax, lentils, wheat, chic peas) can be used very satisfactorily in a “rice” sock.

I’m particularly fond of using flax seeds. When heated they give off a nice aroma very similar to freshly baked bread.
Wrap a hot flax sock around your wiener for a few minutes, and the resulting smell may just trigger a longing for a good hot dog.

This was very useful information and thank you to everyone. One more question. Do you have to wrap the entire dick under the rice sock, or just the base, where the ligaments are, in order to loosen the ligaments for stretching? Put in a better way, is the purpose of a warm up specifically to warm up and loosen the ligaments for stretching and only for that reason, or is it also to loosen up the blood cavities for the purpose of stretching the girth. Lately I have been using the rice sock only around the base for 5 minutes of warm up to loosen up the ligs before a stretch. After my stretch I jelq, but I don’t wrap the rice sock on the dick itself. Is it necessary to wrap it on the dick itself? I just don’t know what the necessity of warming up is, and I want to do it the right way? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

Hey Thick, many guys have said that applying heat after their workout definitely helps them avoid injury. Because of that, you may wish to consider wrapping the rice sock around your whole dick (including the head, as that is one of the places that seems to show injury with spots, etc.) to be sure you are helping prepare yourself for recuperation. I’ve also read that while applying the heat, it’s a nice idea to lightly massage the penis. I’m not sure if you’ve read many posts regarding injury, but in checking those out, I’ve been convinced to always apply heat before and after sessions! Best, EZd

I use a cup, fill it with hot water and trap it against my body with my cock inside. Works great for me!

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