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Are Posts of for sale allowed here

Are Posts of for sale allowed here

I was reading the rules of the newbie forums and I did not find an answer. I have some different extenders for sale.Can I advertise them here? Or it’s against the rules?

Please advise.

Please reply me at EDIT: No emails, use PMs.

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To sell on here, I believe you need to get yourself a commercial account. PM ThunderSS, and he’ll tell you what to do.

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I am not sure of this but I believe you need to get yourself a commercial account first.

Try contacting the moderators if you are in doubt.

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Stretcherus, you can sell things here, but we do the actual horse-trading through PMs. It’s okay that you announce it through a post, but do the deal through PMs. Here’s an example: Cylinder and Metal Pump for Sale Search “for sale” for more.

As for whether you need a commercial account, it depends on whether you’re commercial. If you’re just selling one or two items, you can sell as a regular member. If you’re basically going into business — like you intend to sell more extenders — you should get a commercial account. Just PM Thunder if you are making a business of it, or if you need further clarification.

I deleted your email above. That’s one thing that’s not allowed: personal emails in posts.

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