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Are permanent gains possible with penis pumps?

Are permanent gains possible with penis pumps?

I was just wondering if penis pumps could lead to permanent gains. I have searched all over and I’m still getting mixed reviews. I would seem to me that the pump would have a similar effect to the jelq(which I am familiar with), or am I wrong with this conclusion.Any information or stats would be helpful.Thanks in advance.

Here’s a recent good discussion about pumping. A long thread, but it does have some very interesting points brought up concerning the theory of pumping. It is mixed reviews also however.

My buddy Dr Kaplan

Pumps get you so pumped up in a short amount of time that they can give you a false sense of growth. After a month or so, you can see after pump results of 1/2 inch or more in length and girth. But if you quit, this disappears. That is because that just like any other form of PE, you have to stick with it long enough to cement your gains and be patient with slow growth over time.

It’s best to use lower pressures over several months then to use high pressures that give a false sense of hugeness that is mostly lymph fluid accumulation.

Combine your pumping with jelqing for best results. There are lots of routines described in the pumpers forum based on jelq/pump/jelq/pump/jelq combinations.

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