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are PE pains final, or will I shrink back to my og size?

are PE pains final, or will I shrink back to my og size?

i’m confussed… some people say watch how big you make yourself cause there’s no going back

then others are scared there length is going to not retain, and not stay unless they continue to PE

who knows anything about this… I plan on PE’ing for about 6 more months through my wifes pregnancy… but if i’m going to lose what I gained in those 6 months why bother?

but I’ve been doing it for about a month… no noticable gains, BUT blood flow seems way healthier, and way longer erections… I feel thicker

all I do is 200 - 300 jelq a day, and Stretch it while I jelq in all directions… I know its way less then what most ya’ll do, but I think its semi-worken… even if its slow but surely

but who knows the answer?

also how do I perfrom a Kegle or whatever there called?

is that like the mussel in your dick that shoots cum, and stops piss ect.

like when I take a piss, and stop mid piss… the mussel that does that, is that what I need to work?

Tito, check out this recently posted thread.

You’re right about the kegels. It’s the same muscle you use to stop urine flow.

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