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Are my goals realistic - also - Heat Pads, are they useful

Are my goals realistic - also - Heat Pads, are they useful

I posted recently for the first time - here my current stats -

START : 16:09:2007 - - FL - 3.50” NBPEL - 5.25” EG (base) - 5.50” EG (below glans) - 4.75”
CURRENT : 20:10:2007 - - FL - 4.00” NBPEL - 6.00” EG (base) - 6.00” EG (below glans) - 5.00” - 114.5 hours (ADS) + 9 Jelq sessions

OBJECTIVE : 01:06:2008 ? - FL - 4.50” NBPEL - 7.00” EG (base) - 6.50” EG (below glans) - 5.25

Do you guys think my goals are realistic?

A few have said 6” erect girth is quite large, and a 6x6 unit has a lot of potential for growth. I measure at the base, but are you guys talking about a mid shaft measurement?

I seem to have been fortunate to have had a growth spurt in my first month, but wonder if this will slow down dramatically. To get to 7x6.5 would be a dream come true.

I also was wondering what would be the effect of applying heat DURING an ADS session - using the Penimaster? I talking about maybe a ‘Hot Gel Rechargeable Hand Warmer’. Maybe like this -




Wouldn’t heat during a stretch encourage blood flow and oxygen delivery?

A discussion on this subject would be helpful



PS my current pictures are on this thread - When I look down I can’t believe it’s my penis Newbie’s experience, with pictures

There are many discussions of heat lamps being used to maintain heating during the entire routine so I imagine that these heat pads would have a similar effect by keeping heat on the penis throughout the time in the penimaster. Many people swear by continuous heat. I don’t do it, but I’ve never heard anyone say continuous heat was detrimental to their gains or their penis. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

As far as your goals… Anything is possible, key though is patience, consistency and dedication.

Continuous heat is good. It certainly can’t hurt. Many here prefer moist heat. You can make a rice sock very cheaply and microwave it, or there are commercial products that produce moist heat. Infra Red lamps are also quite good.

Those pads may work okay too.

6” of girth is quite large.

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Girth measurements are usually in MS. IMO, your goals are very realistic. At the pace you are going, most likely you will meet them before the year is done. Just remember be consistent but don’t go overboard.

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Thanks for all the comments!


Does anyone knows if a heating lamp (?) for continuous heat during jelqing can be home-built?

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