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Are Most Bodybuilders Hung Like a Mouse


Are Most Bodybuilders Hung Like a Mouse

Honestly this sucks, because I happen to be a pretty muscular guy, I body build, I’m 19 yrs old and have a pretty small penis. I’m like 5 inches to about 5.4 on a good day. I’ll post some pics up later, but I have always been ashamed of the size of my penis. I look at porn and the gains people have made on this site, and I turn sour with Envy, but this site gives people like me a hope. I see some guys with 5 inch dicks eventually have 8 inch dicks, and that’s a miracle. I am an avid lifter and I’m addicted to lifting weights because I know the gains are coming, but I’m so skeptical about these penis exercises, I would like to know if it could be at all possible for me attaining a 7 inch penis, that’s all I want, I don’t want to whip my penis out to a random girl I pick up, and she looks at it and sighs, with real disparity! I mean if a girl gropes my genital area while I’m hard she’ll probably be disappointed. I want to know what exercises to do, how many times a week, how long, what were your gains, can this hurt my penis in the long run, is clamping a good idea? Can it lead to permanent impotence. I know I sound like such a douche for asking a bazillion things but I am so desperate for answers, I want to know there are guys I can come to and ask this question. Thanks again. Oh I also have extenze which I hear is bullshit, and could I still have a good chance at growing because I’m still pretty young?

If you want to gain, start with the newbie routine. Don’t do anything more for now.

If you try hanging or clamping too early, you will hinder gains and you could really hurt yourself.

Yea thats what I’ve heard, if I stick to the program do you guys think I can make some gains? And when do I know I should clamp?

Congratulations on your first post.

A lot of your questions are discussed in depth here, so search for existing threads on those topics.

Good luck on your quest. Your goals are attainable. Start with the newbie routine. Trying to be more aggressive won’t necessarily give you better gains and may cause injury. The newbie routine is a good routine designed just for guys like you. Lots of guys gain an inch. 2 or more seems to depend on genetics and perseverance. Also, work on being comfortable with what you have.

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START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

Start there my friend. You have a lot of reading and learning to do. I am about 5.2 inches too and just turned 20. Its not all bad, I already had some gains. I was around 5” and a little below before. But this site is filled with knowledge and all the tools to help you out. You just gotta put in the time. Read a few hours over a few days, anything you have inquisitions about. Search and do an advanced search, which is probably one of the best ways to learn on the site (even better than asking people, because most of the questions have already been answered!)

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After you figure out what you want to do, here is a thread that talks about all the exercises and what not. Good luck. Be careful and keep an open mind.


I guess we were typing at the same time shymplsmale. I didn’t mean to repeat what you said!

Horny Bastard

Well I appreciate the response guys thanks it means alot 2 me

Originally Posted by mravg
I guess we were typing at the same time shymplsmale. I didn’t mean to repeat what you said!

Don’t worry about it. You have FAR more knowledge than I have and what you say will have more meaning :)

I’m a competitive bodybuilder and no, we are not all hung like a mouse. I’m getting ready for a competition and I am still doing my PE. Stick with the newbie routine for a while and you’ll be happy you discovered this website.

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New Short Term Goal: EBPL 8.0 EG 5.5 Lifetime goal 9x6.5 PE log and journal

Jb I was seeing your gains thats impressive man, I wanna get to around where your at.

I guess SOME guys could be trying to improve their bodies to compensate but overall I’d guess that they just look smaller because of the proportion of things. Kind of ironic if they are trying to compensate. If you look around on here you’ll find pleanty of conversation on what average is and I’m sure you fit into that category.

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Originally Posted by Tgsmallbelow
Jb I was seeing your gains thats impressive man, I wanna get to around where your at.

Thank you, I appreciate it. A good amount of my gains came from an increase in EQ in the beginning.

Consistency is key with regards to PE.

Then 01/15/08 EBPL: 6.25 EG 5.10 Now 10/05/09 EBPL 7.75 EG 5.25 Girth work for 103 days.

New Short Term Goal: EBPL 8.0 EG 5.5 Lifetime goal 9x6.5 PE log and journal

Clamping is a bad idea, at least until you are experienced in PE and have exhausted other methods. While you can clamp and not hurt yourself it is certainly one of the higher risk activities. Stick with the basic hands on stuff for a while and see where it takes you.

A background in any body discipline can be an asset in doing PE. Most important in my opinion is self monitoring skills.

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Welcome, Tgsmallbelow. You sound like you’re really serious about this, and also like you’re very anxious. My best advice would be to make an investment of time in reading everything you can on this site regarding PE, starting with the link invictus posted and building from there. Most questions you might have starting out can be answered by using the search feature. Click on the “advanced search” and look for Title Only on keywords you’re interested in. It really will pay off to do a lot of reading over the first couple of weeks you’re getting into this to get a foundation of knowledge. Check out other people’s Progress Reports and routines. Check out the Articles Forum (in particular, read Sparkyx’s thread on Physiological Indicators.)

Doing this will put you ahead of the curve and allow you to make informed decisions about what works for you after you’ve done the Newbie Routine for awhile.

Good luck!

Best of luck Tgsmallbelow. I’m a bodybuilder myself, and at 5’9” 205 pounds I’m pretty short and wide. At 6.25 BPEL and 6.1 EG, my penis is pretty short and wide. I’m about to really start focusing on PE myself, and I hope to rectify this situation. We can do it friend!

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