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Are Girth Measurements Skewed by Circumcision?

Are Girth Measurements Skewed by Circumcision?

I am circumcised, and at 4.8” fall under what I am told is around average girth in the “real” world, but rather small girth compared to a lot of the stats I see for members here.

I have been cut all my life, and only hands on experience with penises is on my own, so I can only speculate, but from pictures I’ve seen it seems like an uncut erection has a much more relaxed skin that seems like it could increase a girth measurement considerably if not measured too tightly, whereas a circumcised erection stretches the skin out so much that it’s very thin and tight against the underlying penis.

I’m sure a subliminal part of me is looking for some sort of an excuse to justify my size difference, but the conscious part of me is curious if any other members have experience with both types (cut and uncut) and could give me some insight.


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The only area in which being uncut could increase your girth measurement considerably is just below the head. Where the skin folds over itself and there’s effectively two layers. That lasts only about an inch below the head, once you get to midshaft where most people measure it makes no difference, skin is skin.

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You’re comparing yourself to post PE girth instead of the average. The average here doesn’t have anything to do with the true average, especially since the bigger guys most often talk about their size. You have nothing to worry about.

I have seen plenty of dicks. I don’t believe being cut or not impacts your girth, especially when erect.

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