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Are Gains Guaranteed? Soldier Wanting Results

Are Gains Guaranteed? Soldier Wanting Results

I am new at this. I have read articles that Stretching and Jelqing alone will guarantee results of 2-4 inches, but i have seen threads here where guys have had no gains. I start my second week of stretching and jelqing tomorrow. I have been doing 5 mins of warm up, 5 mins of stretching and 20 mins of jelqing with at about 60-80% erect. I am interested in gains of length and girth.

Right now I am at a 6” length and 4.75 girth starting out.

Could anyone please suggest any exercises program that may bring the best results. Please keep in mind that I cannot use any devices because I am currently in the military and I am in Iraq. I am going to be here for another 4 or 5 months. I usually do my PE inside a locked bathroom stall before I shower so that I do have enough privacy to PE. There are only about 5 guys who use this bathroom so I don’t expect anyone to disturb me. I wants to have enough gains to surprise my wife when I return home. Does anyone have any serous suggestion?

Thanks alot,



The measurements above are while erect. I would like to gain at least 2 inches in both length and girth.
I’m not greedy, I just don’t want average!


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The fully capped sentences are uneccessary. Shouting is not needed here.

2” in length should be possible manually, most people who contiunue posting seem to get there within a year or two. 2” in girth is a lot and I doubt you will reach it quickly, you are maybe looking about committing 5+ years.

You are right there are some guys who make no gains. Are their techniques not good? Maybe. Are they just built tougher than the gainers? Maybe.

I know that from reading about the routines of guys who have gained that the only major linking factor is consistency, even if that is consistency for a period and then a rest period.

I think that one of the reasons consistency works is because though the penis heals it doesn’t quite recover fully, so the previous session helps the current one.

Don’t overwork. Start with the newbie routine.

Review your routine every couple of months and change it if it stops working.

Take care out there.


Noone here can guarantee you any results at all. One of the good things about Thunder’s is that nobody is making a profit off of you, therefore the help you obtain here will be honest and sincere. There have been people who have gained 2” in both directions, but there are only a few who have. However, there are countless who have gained 1” in both directions.

You wife will be surprised and very pleased if you make gains of 1/2” or more I suspect. One of the best improvements I made from PE, is in the area of “hardness” I am rock hard when I get erect, and I stay rock hard longer, and I stay erect after I ejaculate, which pleases my wife very much.

Gains of 1/2” in length are reported from many people within a few months, some even the first month.

The best advice I can give is for you to learn about the LOT theory, learn the various techniques for stretching the ligs and tunica, learn the various girth exercises, and start slowly always think of safety first.
Check you own LOT and then target your routine as necessary.

Be patient and consistent as Memento said. There are hundreds of member’s here who will tell you that PE does work, but only you will know what works for you.

Good luck on your gains and keep us posted on your progress.

IW8 4/2003 5.5 BPEL 4.5 EG 218 lbs 4/2004 6.875 BPEL 5.0 EG 198 lbs

Next stop 7.0 BPEL !

As you can see from my signature, I gained an inch in length before I started working out. When I started working out, and modified my routine, and started eating a healthier diet, and drinking water instead of soda, I gained more length. I added the part about weight loss, because I must have lost some of my fat pad when I lost the weight. I have no idea how much is from weight loss.

I don’t consider myself an expert in PE at all, I am still learning more everyday. My routine is not as consistant as it should be, but I have a hectic schedule to work around.

My opinion about PE has changed dramatically from when I started. I started PE with the attitude “I’ll try it for 6 months and see if it works.” Since then I have gone thru phases of disappointment, times when I reached a plateau where I was getting no more gains. When I realized that I was not gaining, I did not give up, instead I changed things up, I mixed up my routine and added different exercises to see if something else would work. It did work, I broke the 6 1/2” barrier and then I was ecstatic when I continued to gain.

Jelqs have always been a part of my routine, however, when I was at the plateau, I stepped back and looked at my routine to see what I was doing wrong. I concluded that I wasn’t stretching enough, so I concentrated on adding stretches, not replacing anything else in my routine, but instead adding more stretching time. I had to stretch in the bathroom several times a day, but when I did my jelq routine, I could feel the fatigue that many members speak of. I wasn’t getting the fatigue with just the jelqs.

I did a modified erect bend, to try and correct a slight bend to the left. But noticed that the bends were really working the tissues, at least on the one side. I felt that the bending was probably responsible for some of my gains. BTW, erect bends are a very risky exercise, I would recommend that you learn as much about them as you can before trying them, also learn your own limitations, and go slowly, do not get carried away. I modified the bends by doing them as sort of an “AI Bend”, I clamp down like doing a ULI and then I would bend slightly for just a second, and then releasing, and then repeating for a 20 rep set. By the time I hit 20 reps, my meat was going flaccid anyway so it was time to stop. I wouldn’t recommend that you do this exercise until you know your penis can handle the bending while erect.

I hope you guys give PE enough time to work for you, it took me a long time to get the exercises right. When I first started, I couldn’t do the jelqs right, I couldn’t use both hands, because my hands were too large to fit on my dick at the same time, so I did my jelqs with one hand and it took a while to get the technique to work.
When I first started, I couldn’t hold a stretch for more than a few seconds because my glans was too sensitive and it hurt. I had to slowly build up a tolerance to the stretching.
When I did ULI’s I couldn’t do more than a couple without getting blood droplets coming from my urethra, now I can do as many as I want, but I have to be careful not to squeeze too hard, or pull too hard.
I had a hard time understanding the explanations of the exercises from just the written word, so I am really greatful for Gandolf’s video series.

Thanks to everyone who worked on those videos, they really are worth all the effort.

There is a very big learning curve to PE, not only do you have to learn how the exercises are done, but you also have to learn how your penis will respond to them. I am very lucky that I decided to give PE 6 months to work, if I hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have gained more than 1/4” inch, and I would have given up on it completely.

Along my PE journey, I have learned many other fastinating things here at Thunder’s. I have learned more about how to please my wife. I have learned more about how a woman’s body works, and even a little about how her mind works too. I have enjoyed all of the Caption threads, and I love the erotic stories. I shared My PE with my wife almost from the beginning, and I share Thunder’s with her too. She likes the captions and stories too, as well as learning more about how my body works, and what I am doing to make it better.

I have not read a fraction of the threads so I am in no way saying that I am knowlegable about any particular subject. The only advice I can give you is to use the vast resources that Thunder’s provides. The more you learn the better chance PE has of working for you.

Sorry if I got long winded in this thread, it’s been a while since I shared.

IW8 4/2003 5.5 BPEL 4.5 EG 218 lbs 4/2004 6.875 BPEL 5.0 EG 198 lbs

Next stop 7.0 BPEL !

Santipatrici —- Some are lucky and some are not (ME) so keep a open mind and give it a try the worst thing that can happen is nothing but I bet you get something maybe only a 1/4” but hey thats better than never trying it!

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

Hi IW8,

thank you for such in depth comments on your PE experience. I’m sure everyone who reads this thread would appreciate it as much as I do.

Notwithstanding my short experience both at PE and Thunder’s, I concur with you about the learning curve and the broad scope of subjects that will enrich your knowledge here at Thunder’s. I think it is a reality of life that whenever you approach an activity -and life itself, for that matter- with a certain degree of discipline, curiosity and seriousness, a whole world of knowledge opens to you and you become conscious about how little you know.

My question about your weight loss and your increase in BPEL has to do with the fact that I’m grossly overweight (260 lbs., before 350 lbs.) and losing weight too.

It is a pleasure to share with a guy like you here at Thunder’s, which seems to be crowded with cool people.

Take care,

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