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Are gains forever

Are gains forever

I’m brand new to all this and have been reading for a month or so before I start, as I’m sooo scared of injury, so will take it slow.

I’ve searched multiple times to check I’m not repeating something that has been answered elsewhere.

Reading the forum I’ve seen people commenting things like “I had a 3 month lay off and lost my gains” or similar. So my question is:

If I do the newbie routine for say 6 months and gain the 0.75” length and 0.75” girth I’m after, but then stop (I don’t want to be any bigger than that), will my gains just disappear?

Also, when advising that jelqs should be performed at 40% or 50%, does this mean 50% “full” erection (also known as “a semi”), so filled up half of it’s full hardness. Or does it mean the erection height/angle, so 100% would be your “standing to attention” full erection, whereas 50% would be sticking out from your body at a 90 degree angle or less depending on where your full erection points.



When I stopped I lost 75% of my gains and after 5 months back on a regular routine I’ve still not fully regained what I lost during my break.

So no, what you gain is not permanent although a simple maintenance routine should make sure you keep what you do gain from pe.

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So it’s a lifelong commitment really then. “Kooljohn” how long was your break to lose 75%?

Doing a modifying maintenance routine is a good idea to keep the gains. Better to be safe then sorry.

I stopped gaining after my first two months, but in keeping up my program for another month or two, it seems to have cemented my gains. I haven’t lost anything.

I took 2+ months off but with very light maintenance after gaining .75” in 5 months. I have not lost anything.

As for erection percentage, this refers to the “semi” statement. Although, I think there is a difference between having a partial erection and being engorged. I like to jelq when fully engorged - but not erect.

My journey .... My pics

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Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

It all depends on the person. I will know for myself after I take my first decon break in January.

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Thanks for all the replies. Ok so a “semi” it is then onenekkidguy, and I think I get what you mean for your preference, like when you have a 100% then let it subside to 50% but it’s still “meatier” than it would be going from 0% up to 50%.

From reading those threads that marinera kindly linked to (thanks), my conclusion is that generally gains aren’t completely permanent, with losses ranging from a few mm’s to the whole amount gained while actively PE-ing, though some will get lucky and will keep gains when not following a maintenance program. Also, the comments in those threads likening it to bodybuilding seemed quite true, you have to maintain to keep gains.

So really it’s alot like PE-ing in the first place; some get lucky and gain inches in mere months, some take years. So, equally some keep gains without maintenance, some loose it all.

One last question, if say I gain something ridiculous like 2” , then stop PE-ing, will my EQ drop drastically (as in I won’t be able to achieve 100% anymore), as there is 2” more to fill, but I am no longer doing these exercises to improve/keep my EQ (I’m thinking jelqing). Just wondering if anyone has had such an issue.



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Originally Posted by mikey35
but I am no longer doing these exercises to improve/keep my EQ (I’m thinking jelqing). Just wondering if anyone has had such an issue.

For what it is worth, sometimes I grow after taking time off.

To be safe, why not just to a maintenance program, as others have suggested?

Have you ever heard of an athlete who stopped doing exercises to stretch their ligaments? Ligs tighten, they need to be stretched out now and again.

Additionally, I found that edging for 30 minutes every few days helped cement my gains. Having a real strong erection for that amount of time appears to keep everything in good shape.

It also keeps my EQ in tip top shape.

You probably masturbate a few times a week or more. Why not use those sessions to “improve/keep your EQ’ - do a little jelqing now and again, and do some edging. Edging is fun, helps you learn control, and gets your penis really full of blood.

Edging 101

Best of luck with your gains!

Thanks for that, was a good read, and like you said it sounds fun so why not!
Thanks again for all the replies, one more read of the newbie routine and I’m good to go!


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