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Are erect kegels as effective as flaccid during random times at the day?

Are erect kegels as effective as flaccid during random times at the day?

So I realised is easier to contract the BC muscle to the max while im erect, with my unit hidden inside my jeans, as usual, thoughout the day. Would that be as effective as flaccid kegels, which is what the tutorials describe we have to do?

I am glad you asked this, I have been wondering the same thing. It seems like when I kegel erect I am working something different than when I am flaccid and was curious if I should do them while erect.

When doing erect kegels you are working the muscles with the weight of your blood filled dick. Also the msucles are better felt cause they are engaged through involuntary mechanisms that assist in the errection.
You can eccalerate this with weights.

My take on it is that doing them in many variations can only help.

I feel that when erect I make more use of the BC than when doing them flaccid and I would consider that a good thing since it’s more like the situation where you finally want to use your trained muscles.

What I did today for the first time and what I think is a nice way to exercise is: Sitting down with jeans on at the university, every time I got a random mini-erection (dunno whats so exiting about engineering or physics.) I pumped it up by doing kegels. So it was parallel to one of my thighs and pushing upwards against my jeans, adding a nice resistance. Felt good, had to cover my moving pants though :P

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