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Are continued long-term gains possible?


Are continued long-term gains possible?

It seems as though most guys experience so-called “newbie gains” within the first few months of embarking on a PE regimen and this appears to be supported in the statistics posted by members here. What I haven’t been able to see in these reported stats is a consistent long-term track record of growth for most of us. Admittedly, I have only casually perused the TP database so my conclusions are not likely to be accurate. So are continued gains something most guys experience from practicing long-term PE?

Probably no reliable statistics on that as most people do not continue with PE beyond a couple years or become satisfied with gains received early on and don’t pursue it further. My perception is there are a few, and well known, long term continuing gainers here.

Most people hit their goal or get close to it for newbie gains and then they lose motivation because their already basically there so they just quit. They stick around to keep giving advice. That’s what I’ve noticed at least.

Length log step by step with personal insight on life -

Extending and Stretching

I’m five years in and just starting to pump and early results are promising.

I think you have to be willing to try other things if you first don’t succeed, or having results then plateauing, and rest for awhile and return with new determination.

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Five years qualifies as a longtermer I think. At some point, however, there is a limit to growth. If I gained 2” like some of the folks here, I’d parade around with no pants on all day long. Awesome!

The reason I ask is that my gains have been far from spectacular and I’m wondering if there is any point in persevering if this is all I can expect. I don’t want to spend an excessive amount of time doing PE but have been diligent and consistent for quite awhile following a routine consisting of kegels, gentle manual stretching, and primarily jelqing. I have been following a 3-on / 1-off half-hour schedule over the past couple months and have had some renewed progress after a few months of total plateau. I don’t know whether a long-term slow and steady commitment will pay off or not so I’m hopeful about the potential consequences of sticking with it after seeing a-unit’s posting.

One additional tidbit I’d like to throw in is that I’ve had great girth gains but not such outstanding length gains. The primary reason for this is that I tend to experience negative PIs following stretching so I usually end up trying stretching for awhile and then shying away from them. If anyone has any suggestions on how to ease into stretching without affecting EQ etc, I would really like to hear them. Thanks for your replies.

Since it appears you are at least conditioned well, it may be more productive to try hanging. If you put in 10 hours per week and do not gain in 6 months, I’d give up. Although it would be difficult to see how you would not gain in that case. I am presently extending, which I will do for six months. If I do not see progress then, I will go to a hanging routine for six months. Such is my level of committment. It is not easy with family around, working and the holiday season, but I manage by getting as much time as I can in and staying up later in the evening.

If you deconditioning after gaining, yes, more gains are possible. Even after many years of gaining it is important to let your tallywacker rest. Soft stretching, Jelqs(wet & dry) and light pumping will help in the deconditioning breaks. After many years of PE and forced deconditioning, I can tell you first hand that it still works for me. Look and read my picture thread, it might help.

I’ve found that long term gains are possible. I think we learn what works for us after years of trial and error. I’m coming up on ten years here at Thunders and look forward to continued growth.

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Trial and error is right for sure. I believe that after nearly a couple years I have only learned how to properly and effectively jelq and that this was accomplished primarily in the past 2 or 3 months. Stretching has been a bit more problematic but I’m encouraged by what you guys have said regarding long-term gains so I plan to cautiously try to get that aspect of my routine up to the level that I’ve gotten my jelqs. Very good stuff. Thanks so much for your feedback.

Originally Posted by Titleist

I’ve found that long term gains are possible. I think we learn what works for us after years of trial and error. I’m coming up on ten years here at Thunders and look forward to continued growth.

Very well said , spot on. Totally accurate.

I have only been in it for 2 years but I think a lot of people just give up honestly. This isn’t a fast track or a pill, is hard work and dedication. I’ve gained almost a full inch in length in 2 years (I have been really cautious so gains are fairly slow) and I have already hit my original goal of 5+girth. My wife actually told me to stop working on girth so I’m focused on length now, even though I already bottom out in her I figure a little extra never hurt, right? 😀

I started out a little above 5 inches, I think I originally started at 5.25, maybe smaller. But the point I’d like to make to you is this: you’re already an adequate size for most women, so don’t think that you NEED to do pe to be able to please a woman. You can please a woman just as good as anyone else right now.

That being said, if you go into this with confidence, you’re going to see much better gains. If you go into it thinking you’re yanking on a tiny useless pecker that’s going to magically transform into a porn cock, then you’re in the wrong place mentally.

Good luck! There are plenty of knowledgeable and helpful people here. Make sure you take your time, don’t rush things and get injured 😕

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I have been pumping for five years and extending for four years. I also stretch and jelq 20 to 30 minutes five days a week. After the first year of very little if any gains, it seems I have gained about 1/4 inch per year in both length and girth.

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