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Arab Man Video

Arab Man Video

I was thinking about jelqing the other day when I had a vague recollection of something on saw on Aussie TV about 15 or 16 years ago. I was watching a show like funny videos or amazing videos, something like that anyway and they played a video of an oldish guy (look Indian or Arabic from memory) anyway this guy gets a short stick and starts rolling up his penis and stretching it downwards, the finally he rolls it up once more and loops some rope/string over the stick which is tied to some weights and proceeds to hang what I recall as being bricks in a bag from his dick. As I said my memory is vague but the video is very real and I know what I saw, I just wish I had paid more attention at the time, lol.

Question is has anyone else seen this video and do you know whether it lives online anywhere?

I’ve seen that clip in one of the “Shock Video” documentaries that they’ve shown here in the states. I don’t know where to find it however and I believe he was Indian…

Cool, I am not trippin then. At least it is confirmed that it exists still, we just need someone to find it.

I would be very careful how you interpret this,…..

This is done by sadhu’s in Nothern India but they do not do it to improve or enlarge the penis, they do it as intentional damage to reduce their sexual capability as part of a religous doctrine. This is definately NOT what it seems.

Many have seen this video; there is a link posted somewhere here, you should do a search. Probably you can find it on YouTube.

The indian sadhu in that video had not a big penis, however. This kind of things they do is something like a “magic trick”.


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