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Originally Posted by Vater
I’m going to start ball pumping.

I got the pump back out last week and forgot how much I missed it.


I hadn’t used my 2-stage cylinder for two years and brought it back out a few months ago. I’m glad I did. My body responds so much better to the 2-stage now than it did earlier.


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Originally Posted by peforeal
Personally, I also find that when I pump my sac (not as often as my dick), I definitely have a noticeable hormonal and libido surge and increased sexual desire. It’s important to keep the pressure in the low 2 -3” hg range, allowing the pump to be very gradual.


Very interesting, that Kung-fu guy may have something there then. He recommends it daily. Wouldn’t that be a total kick if you could push test up to high normals with that technique.

The one problem I have with ball pumping is that over time it will increase the size of the blood vessels in the testicles, and I wonder if that wouldn’t increase temperature, therefore contribute to infertility…?

The Chinese technique (who knows how old it is) is to gently pull the scrotum and squeeze the testicles…enough for just a slight ache. This wouldn’t increase the size of the blood vessels.

This might require a new thread.


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