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Anyone using 2 extenders alternating

Anyone using 2 extenders alternating

I’ve got a vac-extender and was thinking of buying an X4 labs so I could alternate. Was looking at the starter which is only $125 instead of the deluxe. According to their site they both use 1500g tension. Is there a problem with the starter edition, it’s just I intend to use it as a 2nd extender. I have the vac as well and it works ok but I have to take it off for 20 mins or so at a time because of blistering etc, I still have the old sleeves so maybe the new ones would be better. I figured I could wear the vac for an hour then change to the x4 comfort strap for a hour and basically keep it stretched about 16 hours a day. Wouldn’t wear any overnight but 16 hours a day should be a good workout with maybe jelqs in between say at start of day and maybe 6pm.

If anyone has anything to say about X4 starter or advice about it or if someone has tried alternating extenders any advice would be welcome. I have a choice between buying the cheap starter or getting new sleeves for the vac


The Starter package lacks the different lengths of rods so you can not build it to your size. The comfort strap when tightened down can grab flesh & pinch it. Ouch. I prevent thatr by using a “wrap” around the penis shaft, behind the glans/corona. Having the ability to pull at 1500gr is one thing, being able to be “fastened” into the cradle and how long you can take 1500 gr is another. You may be better served by just using the X4 at 600gr, while you recover from the Vac Extender session.

After some of my X4 (deluxe) sessions, I may use an AutoXleeve w/weight.



Does that mean that I will be stuck at a certain tension, ie, if I’m 6 inches and the bars go to 7 inches and at 7 inches the tension is 1300 then I’m stuck at that whatever? Looked at autosleeve because I was thinking of buying the 2 new sleeves for the vacextender. Living in Uk means that to buy those 2 sleeves at $20 means paying $40 for them, same as if I include the autosleeve the postage goes to over $25 so was either about £55 for that or about £85 for the X4 starter. Wasn’t sure which way was best.


It ** may ** be that, or being that one is supposed to mount into the extender flaccid, that the extender is longer than your flaccid length. Like a 6” extender & a 4” flaccid.
The extra rod section allow you to “build” the X4 to your penile characteristics.

There is generally about an inch that one can adjust the screws on the rods, to ADD to the length of what ever it is at ( and adjust gram force). You could, later in time buy additional rods. See the web site for parts & prices.

You would warm up, do some hand exercises to loosen your self up, mount in, and ** then ** adjust to get the desired tension. Now, most need to allow time to get used to wearing it & any **related fastening considerations/complications/circulatory needs ** .

As time goes by, you can apply extra grams. It would be rare if not impractical, that you could/would be able to take it out of the box, strap in, crank it up to the maximum grams of force, and wear it for hours. No sir. Your dick would let you know that it declines the opportunity to co-operate. It takes time to get accustomed to wearing it.
Hope this helps you out,

I already use 1 extender so my penis is used to be under stress and traction so don’t think thats the problem, my problem is fsl is over 7 inches and I would like to know if starter kits goes higher than that, otherwise it’s no good to me


It is probably worth the effort to contact the sales dept. and ask them, email or phone. I can’t help you any further on this issue. Good luck on your shopping endeavor.

Can anyone post their manual for their extender about the limits and how you should stretch etc?

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