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Anyone tried to combine Wolfberry(goji berries) and PE?

Anyone tried to combine Wolfberry(goji berries) and PE?

I’ve read that goji berries can produce the human growth hormone in the body. Anyone have any experience with combining goji berries to PE?

I have goji berries fresh from my garden and I don’t think they provide a noticeable difference.

(I like to make them into muffins)

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Okey, thanks for your input :)

I’m no nutritionist, but I’m guessing you would need to eat a metric fuck-ton of berries to see any noticeable difference. Also, is increased HGH linked to an increase in dick size?

Lol I eat a green smoothie every morning usually with a handful of goji berries in it (I buy them online) and they give a lot of energy but I wouldn’t link them to dick size.

Still, if you’re trying to get healthy in any way, I recommend them. :)

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