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Anyone Studied The Gains Made By Hangers?

Anyone Studied The Gains Made By Hangers?

Am posting this in the Newbie Forum because A) I don’t expect an answer and B) If someone does answer, it’s bound to be along the lines of ” Do some more searches, Yip you lazy sh*t”.


Hanging seems to be the most dependable of PE methods.
It uses a constant and known load, and a constant stretch ; it has few of the many variables which are part of manual stretching and jelqing. The longer you hang, the more you gain, after you’ve determined the weight needed to exert the right amount of force.

Of course, in practice things often don’t develop as smoothly as that. But personally, if I had the opportunity to try hanging, I would. And Bib’s hanger ( just judging by the illustrations ) seems a safer design than any stretcher.

My question is:

Has anyone here graphed the gains of guys who only hang weights?

I ask because the results ( if we had / have them ) would be the clearest we might ever get outside of a lab. Hangers are necessarily more structured in their sessions. We would know the time spent and the weight used. I think a study of hangers’ gains would be VERY interesting.

Is there anything like that floating around here at Thunder’s already? Is anyone doing it at the moment? Would anyone ever consider taking on the chore in the future?

If not, I guess it’ll just remain on my PE wishlist, along with the publication of a ” Penis Enlargement For Dummies “.

"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.

Do some more searches, Yip you lazy sh*t!
Just kidding:)

I agree that it would be a very interesting study, problem is, very few, if any, guys go straight into hanging. Virtually everyone does some form of manual exercise first.
So…what result would you really see? Would they really be of any value?
There is no way I would have ever considered starting my PE career with hanging. I mean you have got be seriously fucked up in the head to hang weights off your dick! BUT, seeing as how I now hang, I guess that makes me seriously fucked up in the head!!

I think that hanging probably is the ultimate PE exercise. It is also undoubtedly the most dangerous. Because of this, I wonder whether it is wise for any newbie to begin by hanging. I certainly would not advocate it.

As a newbie, gains generally aren’t that hard to come by. Indeed, if you do not see any fairly easy, early gains, chances are you are overtraining and need to cut back a little.

I would like to see a study indicating at what weight did you start to see gains from hanging.(I can feel a poll coming on!)
As I began hanging, until I got to about 8 pounds, I felt like all I was doing was conditioning my dick for what was to come. Only once I reached 8 pounds did I feel I was beginning to make progress.

So Yip, yep, I would also love to see the results of that study. I just wonder whether you will have a sufficient number of participants for it to mean anything.

True to my word, I have submitted a poll (in the poll section of course!)

Would all the hangers kindly vote!

Thanks in advance.


Originally Posted by Yippee
Hanging seems to be the most dependable of PE methods.

Yip - you lazy bastard,

Putting aside the science for a moment there is a part of me that believes there are other factors at work when we view hanging as a “dependable” method of gaining.

IMO a lot of this simply boils down to the type of personality that is attracted to hanging. People willing to tolerate the pace of hanging are like glaciers: you might not be able to tell, but the mountain is moving - check back in a few months and you’ll see.

Ah, thanks for the replies, guys. :)

“…a lot of this simply boils down to the type of personality that is attracted to hanging. “
I’d love to see Captn or Andrew do a poll which identified general personality traits amongst PErs:

” 76% of all hangers have tried bungee-jumping “

” 98% of all pumpers had childhood dreams of being an astronaut “

…Well, Captn, maybe we can save that poll for a rainy day?


Hangers surely must be a patient bunch, no argument.

Not being a hanger myself, it’s easier for me to ignore more useful, profitable and practical questions like ” How much weight did you have to use before you started to gain?” in favour of more useless and abstract ones, like ” Does the rate of gains made by long-term hangers exhibit less variety than the gains made by people who stretch manually? “

Anyway, it’s up to brighter minds than mine to answer these questions. I plead ignorance, stupidity and sloth.


Idea for Poll #2:
Survey the number of people who use either of the two pronounciations of the word ” sloth “.

"I just said it was big, honey. I never said it was pretty. "

- Me, a year from now.

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