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Anyone share my problem

Anyone share my problem


I have always been insecure about my penis, but it’s only when it’s flaccid. When Hard I hit 8 inches pretty much and decent thickness. But when I am soft god it’s soo small and turtles so much. I hate it so freaking much it kills me. Makes me feel like I have a little kid penis or something. And to make things worse I am a athlete so my legs are pretty big so things look horrid. Two big legs with a straw in the center. Is there anything I can do to improve this problem. I also feel bad when my gf touches my flaccid penis cause it seems so small it’s not but I am sure you get what I am saying. Thank you in advance.

Yeah, a lot of guys share your “problem.” It’s not really a problem although - it is more of the natural way. Your penis retracts for protection in the unaroused state.

That being said, many of us here were growers instead of showers. My very first post here was about how to increase my flaccid. On a good day, nice and warm and relaxed, I could hang flaccid around 4 inches but the normal hang was just a two inch pecker sticking out. Now I consistently hang 4.5 - 5.5 inches almost all the time (unless I’m really cold or something).

If you are looking for flaccid gain, start with the newbie routine. The stretching will help over time and the jelqing will help with the overall health. Look up and understand fowfers (pulling your penis between your buttcheeks and sitting on it) and do that a couple of times each day. I also wear an ace bandage wrap 2-3 hours a day several times a week (look up my links in my signature for more info on that).

Oh and drink lots of water. That might not be the fix today, but as you stretch and become more of a natural shower, it will help.

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