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anyone only do over-hand jelq?

anyone only do over-hand jelq?

I started PE 2 weeks ago and really noticed that I jelq better with over-hand position.

These are my reasons:

1) with over-hand I can jelq more at the base while I sit on my toilet.
2) over-hand seems more cosistent as I slowly slide my grip.
3) my OK-grip does not touch the sensitive spot (which can cause unwanted hard erection).

What does everyone think? And for those of you who do mostly over-hand jelq, have you gained much without doing the standard (or under-hand) jelq?

It would be nice if I could just concentrate on over-hand instead of standard-hand jelq position. I find over-hand much more comfortable and I feel like I am really squeezing a toothpaste. LOL

any input would be appreciated!

From what I have read in the exercises and techniques topic in the wiki section I understand that a over-hand grip focuses more on length where as a under-hand grip focuses more on girth.


Sep.12, 2007

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I only jelq overhand, never underhand. I think it’s gotten me good gains, both in length and girth.

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Just checked out your PE stats. Man, you do have great gains! Glad I am not alone in this aspect.

When I do under-hand jelq, I tend to slip my grip at first then slowly move up towards the gland. With over-hand, I can start jelq at the base (which I believe gives me the better workout).

I do an undergrip and have no problems.

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Originally Posted by Okish6er

I do an undergrip and have no problems.

Me either. I gained quite nicely using the underhand. But it is is just individual preferece. I don’t think one grip is superior over ther other.

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I do the overhand as well. I found it more comfortable. I can really get a good grip and a good squeeze all the way through the shaft. For some reason when I do the underhand, I don’t feel like I’m getting as much out of it. I throw it in there once in a while to change it up but I’d say that 95% of my jelqs are overhand.

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Hey guys, I just tried overhand…and had a slight prob lol. im not sure if i wasn’t using enough lube (actually the skin on my penis tends to move up quite a bit when i jelq, is that expected or bad? i figured it’d be expected since i shouldn’t have 100% erection ne ways…), but every time I gripped at the base I kept pinching my sac and couldn’t always grip at the bottom. Any tips? I think switching between the two could be a good way to mix it up a bit.

Damnit, sorry about that. I’m too used to typing to friends over MSN or e-mail. I hope this doesn’t deter anyone from answering my slightly odd question…Thanks!

For the longest time I’ve used an underhand grip while jelqing, yet only recently I jumped ship to the overhand and feel it gives me better expansion.

So I’m trying to soften up my curve. I curve up and to the right. The Up part I like because it helps with Gspot but the right gets in the way and is cause for slightly odd positions. I noticed as I tried over hand jelqs today I got a lot of expansion on the curve by using my left hand over handed. If I jelq underhand with right and overhand with left would that soften the curve?

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Caden I’m having the exact same issues right now. I have a curve to the right, but I jelq overhand with the right hand and underhand with the left. I’m thinking it will help the curve. Or should I say hoping it will help the curve.

I do over hand jelqing myself and I enjoy it better than under hand jelqing.

I get a better grip with overhand but persist with both purely for the sake of variation


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