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Anyone here jelq standing?

Anyone here jelq standing?


Here’s the answer.

That thread was a long time ago though memento………I like to kneel up or stand. If I sit my dick goes back into my body.

I’m too fat to jelq sitting. If I stand, I can start reps lower at the base. Plus, I work it over a heater.

I am the opposite of Ulcaster. I find if I sit on the edge of my sofa, with my legs spread wide, I can grip the shaft deeper and my balls stay out of the way much better then if I try standing.

I tried both ways. I like standing better.

>If I sit my dick goes back into my body.

Angle your hips forward. Problem solved.

I prefer standing, I also prefer stretching standing, although it gets a bit annoying after a bit, I might try and get into a habit of doing things whilst in a comfortable position!

Majority of the time I have jelqed standing.


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I’m too lazy to stand on most days, but I do stand sometimes. I usually do it while reclining on a toilet, or kneeling.

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Standing. And sometimes lying in bed.

Standing, sitting, lying in bed, as long as I could get in my 60 to 90 minutes in one session.


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