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Anyone have problems with kegels

Anyone have problems with kegels

Any routine I have looked at including the newbie one which I am currently using has kegels in it. The problem is I really struggle to hold one even for 5 seconds more than a few times but all the routines suggest you need to do a decent number to benefit. It’s strange because I can stop pissing no problems and hold it as long as I want. I get good erections and have powerful ejaculations so what is my problem? Does anyone else struggle with them?

Good luck getting advise about kegels on here mate! I’ve posted a few times asking for help but no one seems interested. I couldn’t hold them for more than a second when I started so I just did a load of pulses while I was erect and warming up for PE, maybe a 150. I like doing it, it makes my bell end swell up for like a second and it looks like a slow beating heart. I did that for a couple of weeks then found I could hold it for longer. I’m up to 4 seconds now, and do them while I’m warming down from PE in front of my IR heat lamp as well, which I recommend, and also before before masturbating. I love doing them now! My cock is already more vascular and my erection quality is much better. Stick with it man I think they are an important part of PE, and let me know how you are getting on with them.

Pexflex, There is simply loads of info already posted on kegels. We do try to answer people’s questions here.

Like any muscular exercise, it takes time to build up the ability to do kegels, you simple have to work up to it. Start by holding for a second and do 30 reps, then try moving up to 2 seconds 30 reps, continue up to five seconds. See how far you get initially and then see how far you get in a couple of weeks.

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Considering the fact that you’ve never tried to hold that muscle contracted before doing kegels, it makes perfect sense that you can’t hold it for very long. As with any muscle, if you’re exercising it for the first time it is going to be difficult to control and exercise effectively but it is going to get stronger quickly.

I doubt many people can hold a kegel for 5 seconds after just starting them. And those that say they can are probably just flexing and holding the wrong muscles anyways.

Also the fact that you cane hold your pee doesn’t mean much. You are essentially doing a kegel when you stop the stream but that feeling of it backing up and easing off after a few seconds of holding it is other muscles taking over. The muscles triggered during ejaculation (and kegeling) aren’t the ones keeping you from wetting your pants during a long car ride. That should make perfect sense by itself but it is further evidenced by the fact that you can be holding a full bladder and THEN perform a kegel.

It’s probably not want you want to hear but just keep at it. Your ability to focus on and strengthen the right muscles will improve quickly.

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