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Anyone have a problem with some fat in the pubic area

Anyone have a problem with some fat in the pubic area

Does anyone have some extra fat above the penis in the pubic area? Are there exercises that I can do to get rid of it? If so, what are they? I am not over weight, but it does cause a problem maybe because of my age. My penis is not so visible since it is small. To make things worse, I have very large balls and they do not hang down. They are up tight just under my penis because my scrotum is not loose. With a lot of foreskin, my penis is dwarfed by all three of these factors.

I just began the Newbie exercises a week ago and notice that I am “showing” a lot more for a small size penis. I can’t do anything about my balls and scrotum up so close—or can I? I would never consider getting cut. So, there you have it.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

I sure am pleased with the slow but definite progress.

At least, my penis is out more and not “hiding” as it did before. So, I have more to hold on to! It is an ego booster.

Many thanks to Thunder and this PE routine which I stumbled across!

Fatpad probem. It is a common problem here so not to worry. Exercising, cardio etc will help to redce it as well as herbal supps like green tea, which has worked a bit for me.

For your nut sack, stretching it occassionally should help, also wearing loose clothing, boxers etc. Wont make your nuts bigger though.

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Basically, you cannot spot reduce the pubic fat pad. It’s difficult to get rid of because it’s there for a reason.

It is possible to stretch the scrotal skin so your balls hang lower, but it takes as much work and dedication as PE. You can find out more about that by using “lower balls” as the search term and limiting searches to titles only.

Good luck.

Yes the fat pad is hard to completely loose. I am single digit body fat (meaning super lean) and I still have almost 1/2” in fat pad for some reason.

You cannot spot reduce your fat pad, but you could use yohimbine containing gel on that area - which would cause localized dehydration of fat cells - so it would make fat pad smaller.

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