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Anyone got uncut workarounds for dorsal soreness

Anyone got uncut workarounds for dorsal soreness

I’ve been following pretty much the newbie routine with constant heat throughout, but today my dorsal nerve got really sore after a stretch.

When I stretch, because I’m uncut, the only grip I can make without it slipping and while avoiding the dorsal nerve is left, right and under the glans with the forefinger in an effort to avoid what just happened. Yet here I am (not serious really, it just stung bad for a bit- nothing now).

So in my wait before I get to go back to PEing (just an extra rest day as long as it doesn’t come back) can someone who is also uncircumcised give me some advice on safe holding technique for stretches and dry jelqs?

Jelqing too close to the glans might have caused it too, I really don’t know. The diagrams on Thunder’s here show resting the thumb lightly on top of the shaft to keep the blood in during jelqs, but is there an alternative way to do it so that the dorsal is kept out of the jelq? For instance, is it really even necessary to jelq all the way up to the glans, or do people here get pretty much the same results if they stop the jelq 3/4 up?

I always stretched by retracting the foreskin, wrapping with a small piece of t-shirt over and behind the glans and holding with the webbing between thumb and forefinger located at the top of the shaft.

I doubt the point at which you stop your jelq stroke caused a problem.

What kind of pain is this? If it’s an infrequent shooting pain then I wouldn’t worry about it.

We meet again! Actually a bit of a pain is back again too, but it only seems to be a dull throb which happens just when fully erect. Nobody wants a dorsal injury, but at the same time it can’t really be all that fragile can it?

Infrequent shooting pains are common? That’s actually quite a relief! I seem prone to those suddenly while at work once in a while and I have to confess my stomach cramps to the coworkers :)

But yeah, using something cotton would be a better idea than what I was doing. Good plan memento. Almost an inconvenient angle to put the webbing over the top if you want to stretch in the direction of a normal erection, but I’ll give it a try. I suppose it doesn’t change the effectiveness of tunica work much if you stretch outward or upward though.

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>Nobody wants a dorsal injury, but at the same time it can’t really be all that fragile can it?<

No but it can happen. Read up on some of the threads in the hangers forum about the onset of this kind of thing.

>Infrequent shooting pains are common?<

They were for me. I used to think of them as growing pains :)

Growing pains are a good way of looking at it. Then grow my precious minion, GROW! I shall not hinder your climb to the new world!

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