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Anyone feel Warming up in Shower is better?

Anyone feel Warming up in Shower is better?

Ok guys, for warming up my penis before Jelqing or Hanging, I use to use this method:

- Boil enough water in a flat Large metal pan. Then I would put my wash cloth in it and soak it. Then I would use a fork to lift the washcloth out of the pan and let it cool enough a bit so that it wont burn my dick.
I would then wrap the washcloth around my dick and massage it a little for like 30 secs. Rinse and repeat this for like 5 minutes. Then im ready for jelqing or hanging.

But recently as of this week, I tried just warming my penis up in the shower. I would spray my penis with my other hand cusping the shaft of my penis so that the hot water would be able to reach under my penis.
Ive noticed it getting much bigger. I do this for 5 minutes.

So I was wondering if anyone prefer Shower warming up or Washcloth warming up?

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That’s what I do.. Less work but I stretch and massage after a good minute or so while spraying warm/hot water..

Not too hot.. It’s not good for your nuts

They make microwavable heating pads that would do the same thing, be neater and more energy efficient.

And then there’s always the ol’ standby, the rice sock.

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I just take a hot shower for 5 min and then do my pulls. I do them while I am still in the shower. Afterward, I do about 5 min of dry jelqs.

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I warm up in the shower, and then increase the heat just a bit more, letting it hit my shaft for a good five minutes or so, then stretch, then turn around so the water is hitting my back and do half my jelqs, then turn around and get the shaft warmed up again, the turn around and do the rest of my jelqs.

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I lie in a hot bath. 20 minutes in the bath with my stretcher and I`m done. Any longer and my glans turns too dark for my comfort.


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