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Anyone Experience Darkening of the Skin


Originally Posted by NeedBiggerPenis
Has anyone experienced the Darkening of the skin on the penis after doing almost a year of PE? I’m not a newbie, I started doing PE in December of last year but didn’t get a username until recently. Anyways, I’ve noticed that my penis skin has been getting darker and almost really dark in some areas. Can anyone shed some light on this? And I do clamp if it matters.and I jelq almost an hour.2 days on/1 off. Arite thanks

Darkening is a common side effect. Typically it occurs in a band around about the middle third of the penis. Mine began on the bottom and sides, then spread to cover the top. Much later, after some very intense girth work, all my shaft skin was discolored to varying extent except the head and a natural skin toned ring around the base.

If your skin is stretched tight when clamping, then clamping is likely a primary cause. High pressure under taut skin = bad news.

The long-lasting discoloration is (most likely) from hemosiderin deposits. See some pictures of it here.

Originally Posted by memento
>not if you are searching for colo* which would return threads about colonoscopies. Also, you can’t take account of popularity. More useful threads get linked to more often and are returned higher in the results.<

Try searching Google for “colo”. You can order threads by rating, views, replies.

>Does the site search return this result?<

Only for some people. But then if people haven’t read the PE manual, what can you do?

It has its own benefits, so it was worth mentioning. Why would some people get different results?

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I had some pretty persistent darkening on the underside of my penis for a while about 2 years ago.

It came after a long intense season of PEing. I had reached my goal of 8x6. I since have gotten into a relationship and have nearly stopped PE.

The discoloration is gone and my Bronco is back to original color. It must have been the 18 months off which did it. I lost about .25”x.25” which is frustrating, but I know I can get it back.and hopefully with minimal or no discoloration.



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