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Anyone ever just get really down on pe

Anyone ever just get really down on pe

I have been experimenting with pe for over a year now just stretching, jelqing, and kegeling. At times I have noticed positive results, stronger erections, heavier flaccid hang and minimal gains that made me feel better. I have also experienced negative results, I have injured myself, felt less desire for sex, weaker erections. Because of this I am very frustrated for not finding the right process I need for the positive results. I have a major problem with getting a good grip for manual stretches and putting to much pressure on the glans. I am just exhausted trying to get this exercise right so I can move on. I went out and bought the bib starter as well but I know I have to condition my dick before use. Like I have said I felt there we’re times I have gotten the exercises right and I was getting good exercises. For some reason I slip back into the same problems I was having before. I don’t know if it’s because I injure my penis without knowing, or that I am doing somthing wrong or for other reasons I cannot pinpoint. I don’t have good self esteem as far as my looks, but especially about my penis size. It depresses me alot and is on my mind. I definitely need more lenght thats why stretching is important to me. My penis is small and looks very pathetic flaccid. I have that turtle dick. I also have a girlfriend who has dealt with my insecurities and I have put her threw alot of shit. She is a big girl, thick Puerto rican. She has not complained but I want to be bigger for her and for myself. Now we fight alot and I just get even more down on myself. I am not giving up on pe I just wonder if any other newbies have been experimenting with this for a while and still have not gotten it right yet. It’s frustrating but I am determined to get a bigger dick.

That’s why I decided to choose pumping. The vacuum takes care of itself (if you have a good gauge, and pay attention to it). There are less variables or nuances to worry about due to your grip or manual technique being flawed somehow. You might consider it. :)

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A tip, if you find that PE is beginning to sap your erectile function.

Choose a moderate routine in the beginning. Stay with it awhile as you condition yourself, then gradually modify it to a little bit more intensity or longer times at one thing or another.

After each PE workout, end with a firm, normal erection.

When you cannot do that, review your just-finished program to see where you went overboard on something and when you isolate that activity - be it excessive pumping, jelking, stretching, hanging, whatever - ease up on that next time.

So long as your erections occur in a normal way, even after a workout, you have done yourself no erectile harm.

What, really, is the point of building a larger cock that doesn’t get up when you need that to happen?



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