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Anyone ever have a problem sitting down

Anyone ever have a problem sitting down

I’m wondering if anyone has the same problem I do. Anytime I sit down, I seem to be sitting right on my sack. I usually have to change positions several times and I usually stand when a chair is offered just because of this. It’s painful and I look weird slouching to a more comfortable position (which is only comfortable for a minute.) and getting up constantly.

Has anyone else has this unusual problem? It’s been happening for awhile now.. Any advice would be appreciated

I have the same problem because I have unusually large testies. Do you wear boxers? I notice that when I where briefs or tighty whities the same thing happens to me. You know what I wonder, is how those guys with large dicks sit down and take a crap, wouldnt their unit hit the water in some toilets because its so big???

I thought this was going to be a hemmorhoid thread.

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I have that, but it isn’t a problem to me. I am also skinny and small-framed, so my chicken legs and bony rear end don’t offer much clearance. I also wear boxers, so they’ve probably been hanging like this for years. Even if the scrotum shrinks up, my nuts still do not clear.

I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s normal on my end, at least.

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Sometimes I do. We have had other threads by low hanging guys with this “problem” but good luch on searching them out.

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