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Anyone else injure easily

Anyone else injure easily

Hey guys, I’ve tried PE a couple times over the past year— always sticking with something similar to the newbie routine, but I’ve ended up getting jelqing injuries every time (those purplish red spots).

Now I’ve actually toned the newbie routine down a bit, I do about 5 mins of stretching, 100,120,140,160 jelqs (increasing every week), and kegels.

Anyway, I have a few questions..

1)Anyone else have to do this?

2)Also, the spots have gone away over time, but is there any way they could have caused permanent damage? I can’t hold an erection for very long when watching porn, but that could be because I’ve grown bored of it over the years. I’m 19 btw.

3)My penis has become more vascular since I started, some of these veins are blue and thicker(they stick out) and some seem to be red and thinner than the blue ones? Is this bad?

The red ones look similar to those varicose spider veins that women get in their legs I suppose, I’m not sure, but basically they don’t look as healthy as the bulging blue ones.

When I do my routine I always have the red dots (they disappear in a day or 2 ) .. I don’t think they leave permanent damage else I wouldn’t be able to get it up anymore ;) .. I think the veins are normal (or kinda normal ;) ) I have new veins popping up too and other veins getting thicker and stuff , It’s for better blood flow in your penis.. I don’t know too much about all of this so better wait for someone experienced to answer this but I think I’m not far of the right answer from what I’ve read around here :p ..


1. Yes, newbies increase the amount of jelqs as time goes by.

2. No, they will not cause permanent damage. A day or two in rest will clear it up fine.

3. No, it is not bad. Be prepared for a more veiny penis as you progress down the track. Nothing to be ashamed of.

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