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anyone else have this happen?

anyone else have this happen?

I’ve started the newbie routine and something I’ve noticed now, going 2 days on 1 day off, is that after jelqing on day one my penis is very full and heavy and I develop a donut and a huge head. The donut often lasts around 12 hours before it is finally gone, which I don’t mind as I do my PE at night, so it’s just there for the first part of the morning after I get up. However on day two I never get quite as full and I don’t get a donut. Any ideas why this may be happening. I don’t think it really matters I just thought it was an interesting pattern.

If you get a donut from just jelquing maybe you are doing it too intensely. My 2 cents.

regards, mgus

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I’m Sorry if this patronises you
It’s only because your in Newbie Forums

Have you watched the videos how to properly do the excersise?
What pressure are you placing on your penis?
Did you warm up?

Yes I’ve seen all the videos and I warm up and I do it at a pretty low level, and like I said it only happens day one.

I’m stumped
If you are following all the correct ways to perform a Jelq it shouldn’t happen,
Someone with more experience may be able to help

Sorry I couldn’t

Thanks For All Your Help

Thanks for your responses. I don’t mind it happening, I’d just never noticed anyone ever mentioning a pattern like that so I thought I’d see if anyone else had. It’s not uncomfortable or bothersome to me in any way.

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