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Anyone else have an out of control Tunica

Anyone else have an out of control Tunica

It is always in a constant state of tension, pulling back with extreme force. This has resulted in a flaccid that is nearly 1” give or take. However my erect length is about 6.25 and girth 5.15. Does anybody else have this issue? Or this type of massive shrinkage? (Looking for a little encouragement here). And should I see good results when I finally pull this muscle from it’s death grip?

-Also I have seen moderate growth, flaccid wise, in the few months I’ve been PE’ing.

Damn and I thought I was a grower! I’m not a vet but if you have seen improvement stay at it. Try some fowlers and bed fowlers if you are able. I have a very small flaccid myself but I just make sure I do my stretches everyday.

If it is retracted, look into Arginine supplementation or possibly Dopa beans. Both will promote a longer hang, and for it to “relax”.

neewbbie - It sounds like you need to learn some anatomy.

Penis Anatomy Links

See this one, too: Locating the bc muscle

The tunica albuginea is the strong tissue that holds in the blood and allows your penis to become erect. It’s not a muscle and it doesn’t “pull” anything. The topic of the second link (above) is more likely your ‘problem.”

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