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Anyone else experienced this with L-Arginine

Anyone else experienced this with L-Arginine

Just curious, I read a few things on here about positive experiences with L-Arginine.

Last Saturday about noon I took a 1000mg. Tablet and again on Sunday morning. The reason being that at 41 I seem to be losing the ability to maintain an erection without constant stimulation and thought a lack of nitric oxide might be the problem.

Anyway, on Sunday I had erections like I haven’t for 5 years. Instantly rock hard, stayed that way without stimulation, it would throb with my heartbeat. I had forgotten about that. I even shot further.

I continued to take 1000mg. Per day. By Thursday it seemed to be having the opposite effect on me. Could barely get hard and had smaller loads than I ever remember.

Any ideas? Similar experiences?


Have you changed your routine lately? Have you just started on PE? If so, it’s possible that you’re overdoing it.

I started at 500mg and have just recently upped it to 1000mg. I didn’t get as strong of a response as you did though

How many ejaculations did you have in that time frame?

Any time you want to access the effect of something, you have to eliminate the variables.

That means, when you add the arginine, don’t do anything different for a few weeks other than the arginine.

Then you can access what the effect of arginine is.

For example, if you have 3 orgasms during that time period instead of a usual one, that can easily account for your response…get it?

To me it seems that you got an unusually fast and good response to a very low dose of arginine, followed by an unusual response to arginine.

I think that you should examine the other factors involved (excessive sex in that same time frame?) and you may come up with your answers.

I recommend you continue with your arginine. Most of us take at least a week or more to really begin to see the benefits of it. You may be the exception…

I take as much at 10 grams a day.Over time, it will increase ejaculate. Try upping your dosage. Lots of men take as much as 3 grams a day and I have read that you can take as much as 30 grams. Be careful. L-arginine can lower blood pressure and it can slow your heart rate down by interacting with any prescription meds that you may be taking. The book, The Arginine Solution, states that l-arginine lowers blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels. Experiment with it and post your results. I have wondered about my body becoming acclimated to it because lots of times, I find myself in circumstances just like you describe. One post I have read is that l-arginine increases testosterone and in time elevates estrogen. I would prefer not to believe that but there is so little research out there on supplements including l-arginine. I am considering starting a trial of DIM INDOPLEX which supposedly prevents testosterone being aromatized into estrogen. I am a good 17 years older than you so keeping my estrogen at the lower range of reasonable and my testosterone as high as I can is my goal. Looking at what you said, you certainly did get a boost of nitric oxide or testosterone or something. All I can say friend is that you are in the beginning of the spiraling aging process and it “ain’t” pretty for us as men considering what we we’re as teenagers and in our twenties. If you are not into weight training or aerobic exercise, you should not rule those out. I thought that was alot of hooey for years until I bit the bullet last year and it is one of the best decisions I have made in my adult life for my sexuality. Good luck.

Sparkyx: You responded within 2 minutes of posting, you could have edited it. I know, you wanted another post, didn’t ya! Trying to take mine away from me!

Topic: I take 2-3 1000’s daily, and it is amazing. I find it helps with the rebuilding of my dick too because more blood can enter the penis now with nutrients and stuff vital to healing my microtears. You need to take out all the variables in your situation. Some things that might be affecting you are…

1-You’re getting off to many times.

2-Time of day you’re getting off.

3-Your routine.

Check your food intake and time you take your supps too. The amino’s work BEST on an empty, that means at least a three hours empty stomach. If you have a heavy starch or fatty meal then you should wait a bit longer. You said you took your first doses on Saturday night and then on Sunday morning, Look into that and check your eating habits. The rest of the advice here is great, only you can figure what works best for your body tho’

The ravings of a madman...

I’m glad that this thread has popped up again. I recently increased my dose from 500mg/day to 1000mg/day just this week, and it seems as if I’m not getting hard as easily either.

The thing that also changed for me though was that I’m also back home this week and the missus has been accommodating.

I guess I have multiple things to track here.

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