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Anyone benefit from TGC theory?

Anyone benefit from TGC theory?

Did anyone focus their routine on the TGC theory?

If so, did you notice a big gain or quicker gain ?

My erect bpl is 6.5”
My flacid bpsl is 7”

So according to the TGC theory I would focus mostly on the smooth muscles.

8-2015 Started- Rock hard 6.5bpel" /6"nbpel x4.25 MEG". Current- 7.25-7.5bpel" x 4.6 base/ shaft girth!!! GOAL- 7.5bpel x 5" MEG/ 5.25"BEG

TGC theory is based on several misunderstandings of the anatomy of the penis. Consider it an interesting challenge to learn enough about the anatomy to be able to debunk it for yourself. That will provide benefit to your PE. Other than that, it’s best to ignore.

If you want a shortcut in the learning process, read the original thread

Focus Your PE and Gain! TGC Theory

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I am not sure about the validity of this theory, as has been explained it has been disputed and debunked on several occasions.

However, a few important or worthy things that pop up in it that have been expressed by many people on PE forums. I have experience with a few of them myself.

I am not sure about the causal link between BPFSL-differences and EQ, but in my case I would have always had at least 0.75”+ difference, up to 1” difference between BPEL and BPFSL. If I concentrate too much on stretching and length-work my EQ would plummit as a result. Very often when I only concentrate on length, my BPFSL will increase but my BPEL will remain the same. I will often have to throw in some girth-work and EQ-improving exercises in order for my BPEL gains to materialise.

I have read numerous accounts of guys with 10/10 EQ, not having this same issue with length-work; that they can concentrate on stretching, hanging, and so forth without it affecting their EQ and they have gained quite well. I have also read many accounts how guys with 10/10 EQ break up their routine with excess girth-work or limit their length-work and cannot gain length.

There definitely seems to be a close tie between these examples and what the theory is purporting. However, I am not sold on the theory as proof, I am simply pointing out that I have seen massive corollaries in some of the links.

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