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Anybody get gains from stretching alone

Anybody get gains from stretching alone

I want to increase my length but not my width. My Girl has a very tight vagina and I just want to increase length. My stats are 5.7x5.1

Also, are there thing that stretch your penis for you? I’ve heard of an “ADS” or something like that. Do they work?

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There is an italian friend of mine who had 4 cm length gains doing only stretching (no girth gains).

However, it’s always adviced to do jelqs also, because this excercise is very important for the general health of your penis and becuase it has a synergic effect.

I gained ALOT in girth and length without stretching (only girth exercises and jelqing) :D

Sorry if that complicates matters.

I’ve had some luck with gains and since my 2nd month of PE til now pretty much only stretch. Yeah I do the odd 30 sec hand clamp here or there, and 5 mins of jelqing and/or O bends every second or third day. But 90% of my routine is stretch based and the other stuff is for the synergic effect like marinera said. I think girth gains are hard enough to get so that you won’t gain girth unless you want to gain girth. Focus on a lower erection % for jelqing for length. Like 30-60%. And try to learn ‘the art of stretching’.

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