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Anybody actually enjoy PE?


Anybody actually enjoy PE?

Hi, I really hate doing PE. I hate jelqing, I hate stretching and I hate warming up. It’s just really boring to me and I always have a problem with keeping the right erection level. I don’t know how I’m supposed to find the motivation to continue doing PE for months and years when I can’t stand it, do any of you actually enjoy doing PE? If so, how and why do you enjoy it?

No I don’t enjoy it, in the same way I don’t like working out at the gym. But if I get results, it’s worth it. At least PE is permanent, muscle will turn to fat if you stop hehe

I love doing PE. I look forward to it every day.

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I enjoy shagging and drinking beer… and if I can shag and drink beer at the same time, even better! :D

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It is free and lead to gains, that’s all I need.

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I love doing PE, just the thought that I have to do my workout begins to relax me. It’s peaceful for me, like me time I guess. I don’t know to explain it the feeling.

Originally Posted by G263

It’s not for you.


Life is too short to voluntarily do something you hate so much.

(And yes, I loved PE when I was actively doing it, and I still love the results)

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Originally Posted by Titleist

I love doing PE. I look forward to it every day.

I second this, but I’m only beginner, but I can’t see why this would fade away! :) (Hoping for no injuries)

Originally Posted by G263

It’s not for you.


I don’t get people who don’t enjoy working out either. Still better than people who hate it but do it anyway because they think they are supposed to.

You don’t NEED a bigger dick. I’m sure if you made it this far you have some idea of how the hard earned results may benefit you.

Decide for yourself if you can’t find enjoyment in the “long and hard” work that you do for yourself and your own self improvement.

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Even if you don’t love it, you have to like it a bit to stick with it. I don’t particularly love going to the gym, but I do love it when I’m there. PE is the same for many guys; they enjoy it while they are doing it, but fitting it into the day is not always easy. If you don’t enjoy it while you are doing it, accept your penis size and go do something you like.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Sometimes, I think I Iove it too much. Clamping and edging are my new favorite enjoyments. I’d agree with some of the others that if you don’t enjoy it and aren’t experiencing gains, then it’s probably not something you are going to stick with. Or, maybe you haven’t found the ideal manner of PEing that works for you and keeps you interested.

Smallman, you can stay small.

There used to be a saying “You will grow to love your sperm test”.

Here’s the thing… As fire goat said I don’t particularly love fitting it in, but when I sit down and apply the heat and begin that nights PE it becomes a lot more satisfying knowing that I’m yet another day closer to conquering my goal. It seems though that you don’t even like it once you’ve started PEing, and my advice to that would be to personalize it a bit more to your liking, it doesn’t have to be all exact times and precise erection levels, but if you can’t than just simply quit… Negativity very rarely produces anything that resembles progress so do yourself a favor and stop now… In the business of PE it takes a certain amount of love and a lot of patience and consistency to be successful in your endeavors!

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Ask yourself, what is your goal? Then decide if the pain and suffering is worth it. If you’re already a decent sized penis, then it’s probably not worth your effort if you’re suffering so much in the process. Penis enlargement takes many months before you start to see results.

If I was only interested in a longer penis, then I probably wouldn’t continue myself, however I’m pushing through the pain because I’m not happy with the large bend in mine. Ill also get the bonus of a bigger penis in the process, so it’s more worth it for me.

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