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Any way to improve ejaculatory pressure

Any way to improve ejaculatory pressure

One area I want to improve besides size and EQ is ejaculatory pressure. I can’t find much on the Internet or forum about tips for this. Does anyone know of anything?

I am looking for some new ideas besides the obvious answers such as waiting longer between ejaculations or kegel exercises.

My research (20 minutes on Google) has led me to believe we may not even know for sure why it decrease with age, and therefore without true root cause don’t know remedies to address it. I’m 36 and have less pressure than when I was 21, but I fail to see how decreasing muscle strength of any kind can account for this. I jerk off just as much now as I did then :) . If anyone has any insight into true root cause for decreasing pressure, assuming good penis health and relatively young age, I’d be interested in hearing them. Thanks, team.

I suspect it has something to do with your prostate gland.

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I think Nitric Oxide slows down as you get older— L-Arginine might help with that. Also, I suspect that semen volumizer products may help with a powerful ejaculation.


Dont ejaculate for 2 weeks, see what effect that has on pressure :)

I remember when i was in hospital with a broken hand… and i had a drip in the other hand… by the time i got both hands back… when i finally ejacualted again, my god… whoa.

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Well, I am 43 years old and still shoot several feet. I take supplements and edge alot without cumming. Feel free to send me a PM and I will give you the details.


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I think part of it is just the way the whole system formed anatomically. I’ve always been able to shoot several feet and with large volume before I ever exercised my penis. I’ve always taken supplements though and I’ve noticed that protein and zinc seems to affect my volume and projectile force. So maybe that was what allowed me to shoot far. So I would recommend that. Also I’ve been doing kegals against resistance while stretching straight up and that seems to have helped some too. If I could have chosen being born with a naturally large penis instead of projectile cum shots I definitely would have. I don’t know if women are impressed by how far you can shoot. I’ve had comments of “holy shit” before but I don’t know if it is a turn on to most women. My girfriend blocks her face every time I come. Anyone know if women value this ability at all?

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