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Any way to heal scarring/discoloration

Any way to heal scarring/discoloration

I have some quite prominent scar tissue from hypospadias surgery that occurred once when I was a baby, and then had two more corrective operations that I had in the last year or so. I noticed that some members dealt with discoloring of the penis after much stretching/clamping and I was wondering if there are any reccomended remedies/treatments that people might know of. I will likely be having another, hopefully final op, later this year, so I will also run it by my urologist when I next see him.



The techniques that work for removing discolouration won’t help with scarring from surgical procedures.
If it’s primarily scar tissue you are concerned about, silicon sheets have proved more effective than most other treatments. Just Google “silicone scar” or similar and lots of info will come up.

For discolouration there are lots of threads on this site, and methods from mild, like firegoat rolls, to quite severe, like chemical peels/burns.

Also have a look at the Similar Threads at the bottom of this page.
Best of luck with the results.

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