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Any way to avoid the veins?

Any way to avoid the veins?

I haven’t been doing PE for very long, so I haven’t seen any results other than harder erections, and being more veiny. The problem is that my member was somewhat veiny to begin with, and I don’t want a super veiny cock. I was wondering if becoming more veiny tapers off, or if by the time I start seeing any gains my cock will be a big mass of veins.

Also, on one of the small surface veins there has always been a small wide spot. It was never very noticeable, but it has gotten bigger since I started PE. It is a little less than 2mm in diameter, and just looks like a dark spot, but I was wondering if anybody else has ever had that.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

A picture of this spot would allow a more effective diagnosis, Nail.

As to the veins, you have a set number of veins there, but PE can make them more prominent. Seeing as how everyone is vastly different you can but try it out and if it gets too veiny you can stop PE and and it will probably go back to how it was.

Stretching and hanging is unlikely to give a more vascular look, so if you’re after length then go for those options.

If you want more girth, then you’ll just have to put up with them as far as I can see.

What ICM said.

But try to look at it this way: The veins indicate that you are building a healthier penile vascular system. Veiny cocks give you a “badboy” look; women, men too, often find that appealing. And, all those veins are going to give your partner more sexual stimulation than you might have provided before.



What both those guys said.

What makes a cock hard is blood flow and building a bigger cock means it’s going to need a larger supply. So bigger cock and more veins/arteries kind of go hand in hand. Don’t worry about it too much, I don’t think you will turn into a freak show.

What those three guys said.

Good luck!

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