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any veterans or others try using magnets?

any veterans or others try using magnets?

Hi guys,

I’m just wondering if you any of you’s have ever tried using magnets with the theory on the affects of North and South poles, if so have you noticed any gains, to be quite honest I’ve been researching on magnets and the ring made of copper/zinc and care more about achieving erect gains in girth and length, where as flacid isn’t a huge importance to me…but back to the magnets if you’ve used any let me know, more so Neodymium Magnets which are very high in there gauss ratings.


I’d be careful using those magnets. Currently, the market is filling up with these magnetic straps or bands that is supposed to help people heal and recover faster. However, studies made by several researchers at various universities have shown that using a magnet may actually decrease the regenerative properties of tissue. Maybe those reported gains are a placebo effect :)

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