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Any value hanging in 15 minute sets?

Any value hanging in 15 minute sets?

Is there any value in hanging for 15 minute sets instead of 20+ minutes or is that too short? When I go more than 15 minutes at a time I get heavy discoloration and swelling so I have to do 15 minutes but am I wasting my time?

This account is another iteration of the previously banned deadwood187 (see his previous end). He delights in trolling this board for some reason.

All the value.

The main reason to do 20 minutes or lesser sets is to prevent injuries. If you want to hang for more time — just increase the number of sets in a day, as Bib did.

I know, someone here can and actually do hang for hours long sets, but for the most of us it’s definitely not the way to go. The gains are likely the same, but the risk factor is lower for sure.

5 15/16 NBPEL

5 1/8 MEG

Aim to 7 NBPEL x 6 MEG.

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