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Any uncut big gainers?


Originally Posted by Majortom75
I do make sure to pull the foreskin all the way down when I stretch so the ligs get the workout. I think any stretching of my foreskin is more from jelqing than stretching.

So when you say pull the foreskin all the way down… do you mean you retract it back and grip your glans directly while stretching? or do you pull the foreskin all the way forward so your glans stays covered?

I retract it back but I don’t grip the glans directly. Actually if I give a bit more detail, I retract the foreskin, then with the foreskin totally retracted I wrap 3 sheets of toilet paper around my dick so the edge is about 2 inches behind the glans. It’s a bit of a tricky manoeuvre at first. I use the OK grip about half to 3/4 of an inch behind the glans and when I pull forward, the glans inflates a bit so it doesn’t slide through my grip. I change the toilet paper wrap and slap my dick against my leg a few times every 3 one minute stretches and I do a total of 12 one minute stretches.

Ok thanks guys. I think I just over reacted. It was late at night, so I wasn’t actually clear headed.

I’m just going to stick with my normal routine for now. There isn’t any rush for me, as I’m still young.

For some reason, I thought I hadn’t gained for a long time. But it has only been like 25 days. I’m going to give it another month or two.

Thanks for the advice guys. I’m going to try out your technique Major.

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Hey Smokey,

I am also uncut and I managed to gain somewhere between 1.5” to 2” in length over the last 1.5 years. I think my gains mostly came from stretches and jelqing. I was very eager to hang, so I got the Bibhanger (starter) and had big, big problems due to my foreskin. I always tried to pull it back as much as possible, but the BIB would slide down all the time. I tried theraband wrapping and so on, but if you are not circumsized it just doesn’t work :( . Circumsized people like Bib said it would not matter whether your are circumsized or not, but I think they can’t really relate. I hung for approx. 4 months at least 10h a week and had no gains at all. Of course this could also be due to my low LOT which is around 7. I have read about this new hanger, the Redistretch. This one might be alot better if you are circumsized, but I don’t know for sure. And I am not going to invest a lot of money once again just to find out it won’t work with my dick.

For the moment I am back to manual methods, i.e. stretching, jelqing and clamping. I am doing v-stretches only and these are great. I can feel the ligs I have never felt them before - even when I was hanging 12 pounds and more I did never get any lig pops. Now I get them and I even feel my inner tunica (behind the balls). I haven’t measured for almost three months. My next measurement “pit stop” is Nov. 1st, but I already know that v-stretches are the way to go (for me).


Originally Posted by Smokey187
It’s been a month now and I haven’t gained. The first month I’ve gained a bit, but now its been about 40 days and I haven’t gained a bit. I’m uncut, and my skin has stretched to the point that when I jelq, the skin covers the glans.

Everytime I manual stretch, it feels more and more like I’m stretching my skin instead. Its gotten to the point where I don’t want to do stretches anymore because I feel like I’m wasting my time.

I stopped PEing for about 5 days because of a combination of school and being disillusioned with no growth. I’m back on track now I guess, I decided to go 6 days on and 1 day off after reading gameoffinches thread. I tried the 1 day on and 1 day off route-didn’t really work for me.

I’m trying out a stretch-not sure if it will work. I started with my left hand holding the base and some of the skin back from the penis and using my right hand to pull down/up/etc. a bit behind the glans.
Or I grab with both my hands on the middle of the penis with the overhand OK sign, and slowly pull them apart.
Think it will work?

I’m looking for reassurance here I guess. Like-manual stretches do stretch the penis a tiny bit, so if I just do a hell of a lot of manual stretches, eventually my penis will grow…. And maybe hear from some big gainers who were uncut.

I forgot an important detail:

Before I do v-stretches I first totally retract the forskin and then use a single nylon wrap to get a good hold of the glans. Moreover, I noticed that during the v-stretch it’s not about how strong I pull the glans away from my body but how I hold the other arm. I am doing v-stretches over my the wrist and forearm of the other hand. I start with a moderate position of this stretching “obstacle” and then slowly move it upwards (because I do inverse v-stretches, i.e. I pull the glans downwards). If I get to right position, BANG, I hit the ligs big time. As I wrote in the previous mail, I have never achieved this while I hang. Not a single time.

I’m not quite sure who he’s talking to either. Made me laugh just reading it again :) who are you talking to? And who’s whining? I don’t think your lying when you said it was late at night.

That’s weird!

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