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Any smaller people here

Any smaller people here

Look I’m under 5 barely and want to get to 6. Any veterans on this site that knows my pain. I mean most people here who start off at 6 or 7, sheesh.

Hi datum,

Yes, there are a lot of guys who start off at you size, which is not very small. You are not alone and you have found the right place.


I’m not sure on all my measurements yet. I will tell you this though. My feelings on the size of my penis has effected my daily life for as long as I can remember ( early 30s now). My insecurities about it’s performance along with it’s size have ended or contributed the ending of the last two relationships I have been in. The most recent one being a relationship of 9 years. I still love and miss her very much, 2004 was a rough year, lost her and my mother both in ‘04. Anyways..

Finding this site and reading it for abit literally almost brought me to tears. Ever since she left me it’s been a daily struggle with my inner demons ( insecurities, sorrow etc ) , fear of meeting an new woman everything. Wondering if I will be good enough blah blah . You get where I’m going.

Well this site gave me hope. I was thinking about doing the operation and always was told , by friends, pumps we’re a scam. I made up my mind though I’m giving this a shot , I want a bigger dick preferably without a operation and I want to last longer in bed. This site has been a wealth of information and best of all it’s free, and everyone seems pretty nice. I figure I have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Hell, at the very least I’ll retrain myself to last longer. So along with this and going to the gym, running, eating and drinking right and getting my head straight I think I might be able to pull it off and there’s no reason why you should not be able to.

So good luck and don’t ever give up on yourself.

Datum, if you look around this site you will see many many guys starting at your size, and some smaller! This is not b.s. This stuff really works, but it takes time and dedication. I have started at 5.5 X4.5 and won’t measure till the end of Feb ( vacation at the end of Jan messed up the first measurement) But I can tell it’s growing, you feel it, you see it! Stay focused and work on PE but don’t overdo it, I would highly recommend reading all you can in here, the amount of info is amazing. Make sure you use the search engine, almost any question or problem you may come across has already been answered by someone, all you have to do is a little research! Good luck and welcome to thunders!

Your goals sound very realistic. I bet you don’t stop at 6 though :)

I started at about 5.75” which although not tiny, still bothered me because I learned from most comments that 6 was average. Now I know better and it was just guys rounding up the numbers, but the insecurity still remains. Now I think “but is 1 inch extra really enough? Perhaps I need 2” extra, or maybe 3” to be safe”. I’ve added ~1.75” btw.


I started this two months ago, and my length have gone from 5 to 6.2 inches. It does really work, but you have to focus on your goal, make a commitment with yourself and believe. Besides, you are certainly not big, but not very small as you think. You can satisfy any girl you find. Feel happy, you have found a way to make your penis bigger! Yeeeah! Stop worrying about your size and start PEing, I wish you the best luck!

Originally Posted by navarro
Stop worrying about your size and start PEing, I wish you the best luck!

Amen. Even though I’ve grown “only” 0.6” length and 0.7 girth in my 8 months of PE (all in the first 3 months), I can tell you that PE has definitely helped me to stop worrying. The general anxiety about size has resolved itself into a dedicated action plan. What started as an emotional problem has not become an engineering problem, which is much easier to deal with, for me.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

First of all welcome.

Don’t let your size worry you man ; I started PEing about 6 months ago and my stats we’re 5 x 4 1\4. In this time my last measurement was 6 1/8 by 4 7\8. It’s a lot of work but a hell of a lot of satisfaction! The people here are grate and there is a wealth of knowledge here. Remember threes nothing to it but to do it.

A stretch in time grows it to nine!!!

Thanks alot guys


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