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Any potential damage

Any potential damage

Some posters on other sides claim there are horror stories from jelqing — loss of sensation, damage, ED.

Anyone know of stories on this site of guys getting injured trying to make it bigger?

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Short answer:

No credible accounts of damage due to jelquing that I know of. Softer glans is the only semi-commonly reported side-effect that I am aware of.

regards, mgus

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Look at my threads. Others posting on this site with serious damage include mopek and mgoblow55555. I have come across a number of other posts from guys on here who also have ED due to PE but don’t remember their nicknames offhand. Also look at the “Boo Boos and Bandaids” section of the Matters of Size forum. I have said in my other posts that I do not want to bash PE for what it has done to me and my life, but I think it is extremely important that people know there is a real potential for serious damage from manual exercises. When I began PE I had no idea there was a possibility for the type of damage I had. It is only after I wrecked my dick and began to dig around into these forums and other places on the internet I learned that although such extreme damage from PE may be rare, it is real. I would have given anything to have that knowledge before I did this. Many people will deny that such damage is possible and say that the ED, premature ejaculation, etc. That I and others have been left with is due to other factors. Or that we totally overdid it. But that is not true—the dangers are real, and I think a concerted effort needs to be put forth to make sure that guys starting out know the true risks.

Moderation is the best. Don’t go extreme on PE excises. I’ve been doing PE manually for 15 years, and there’s no problem at all. Don’t expect that you can gain length, and girth within a couple of months.

If you hurt yourself, you did something wrong. Own up to it and acknowledge that fact.

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