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Any PE'ers with Varicocele

Any PE'ers with Varicocele

I have been reading a lot about Varicocele and I am now aware that I have had this problem since my pre-teen years and there is not much I can do about it, besides surgery. I have had the dull aching/discomfort in my scrotum to my lower abdomen area when I first started PE, thought it was a hernia from working out I had no idea what varicocele was. Doctors said I was good. Seen a urologists same day told me I was okay, to my surprise he didn’t say anything about Varicocele but it could have been because I was lying down during the examination because it is very clear to me that I have Varicocele in my left testicle. I am now 2 weeks back in to the newbie routine after a long break. The discomfort is back. What should I do? I took one PE day and the weekend off. Should I continue with my routine or pay the urologists another visit before I continue?

There should be no significant interaction with your varicocoele during maneuvers in the newbie routine, unless you are going close enough to your body during jelqing that you are encircling the part of your scrotum against your body.

More likely what is happening is that you are standing up or sitting up, which increases venous congestion in the gravity dependant parts of your body (ie your scrotum) and performing what is called a Valsalva maneuver while you jelq or pull. This is when you exhale against a closed glottis, like when you are straining on the toilet. This maneuver causes venous congestion (that’s why your neck veins pop out like a power lifter in the middle of an effort).

If you have a varicocoele, which is nothing more than a varicose (or dilated) gonadal vein draining your testicles, the extra venous expansion can be uncomfortable.

Try breathing steadily during your exercises and don’t hold your breath or strain. You can try doing your stretches lying on your back. Lastly, and I’m totally thinking outside the box here, you could buy a pair of compression shorts and cut out a hole that allows your penis out of the shorts but maintains tight compression on your scrotum. (This would be like compression stockings for people with varicose veins in their legs who have to stand all day.)

One thing you want to avoid is pumping unless you have a base ring that ensures your scrotum doesn’t get sucked into the tube. That would be bad for a varicocoele so keep it in mind if you ever go that route.

Good luck!

Rock out with your cock out!

Thanks for the all the advice TD. I usually sit at a reclined angle when I jelq and stand when I stretch. I’ll pay more attention to how close I am gripping towards my body. Its early in the morning and I’m feeling the discomfort in my testis now just by sitting /:

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