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Any other 18, 19 year olds who PE

I’m 18 and just starting out PEing. I’m just not that sure what to do yet

I’m 19 and haven’t gained a lot, but hopefully the inches will start coming.

I am 18 and new to this site but have been PEing for a week now.

I have blue jeans older than you guys. Keep up the good work.

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I’m 19 and I’m an alcoholic.

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I’ve been PEing for about 3 weeks off and on, I THINK I made a .2 gain, not sure about the girth cus I never made measurements in the first place, only in length

I’m 21 and I wish I PE’d when I was 19-20.


I’m 20 and I just started, I won’t be turning 21 till December so hopefully ill make some good gains by then : )

I’m 19 as well and have been PEing for about a month now, off and on. I hope to see some gains soon, as I could certainly do with a bigger dick than the one I have now!

Good to see I am not the only 18 year old who does PE :up:

I’m 19, been doing it over about a month now, I’ve already made close to half an inch in gains, however my girth lags, which is expected though.

Guess comparing to some others in this thread I’m a fast gainer.

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nearly 19, barely any gains.

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I discovered PE when i was 19, ahhh the good ol’ days when i didn’t have a PC, and actually use to go to the library and print PE techniques out on paper, LOLOLOLOL, the thrill. But yeah its only been since sept 05 were i started to take PE as serious as a Heart attack, and imma keep fighting through. But i can say that PRE-PE I was a least 5.5 bp and 4.5 eg, and now Im 7bp x 5 eg, and i can see and extra 1/16-1/8 of an inch on some good day, for both bpl, and eg.

Just stick with it guys, be careful and read my sig! You will all gain. This shit works.

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I am 18 and new to PE.

Originally Posted by gameofinches
nearly 19, barely any gains.

Well it may seem like barely any gains, but at least you DID get some gains whereas others might never get any!

Keep it up man.

Re-Start 3.10.2011 - BPEL: 6.750" EG: 4.5" | Current 7.3.2011 - BPEL: 7.250" EG: 4.625" | Just made my first 1/2"!

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