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Any MacGyver's out there.

Any MacGyver's out there.

I am a noob looking for something that can increase my size as I sit on my ass and watch TV. After reading about some hanging devices (eg. The swim cap attachment, PVC pipe.. Etc) I realize that building something would involve buying stuff. I am one of those guys that wants to build something, but make it out of things I already have. The other problem is that the ideas I get (eg. Plastic sheet.. Whatever else) don’t work too well and cause discomfort from being too tight or slip off from being too loose.

Anybody have some good ideas for comfort/safety and allow a decent amount of weight to be hung with out slippage?


Fowfers or Lazy Ass Stretches

Glad: You are too new to be hanging weight. Stick with the newbie routine for now, however if you want to do PE while sitting on your ass watching TV. Search Fowfers.

And welcome aboard:

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No Nukes

Alright, maybe I am jumping into things too quickly. I have searched the board for Fowfers and have gotten the hang of them. Just curious if anybody had any decent success with them b/c it feels like something is going on, but nothing too drastic. It would be pointless to do them if nothing really happens and they are none too comfortable either =p.

it sounds like pe is not for you, to grow takes work not sitting in front of the tv hoping for a bigger penis. i dont mean to offend as for stuff made here thier just ideas, i have made things that work. look through things try things and before you know it youll be in wal mart and say wow with this and oooo this and before you know it youll be another success story like the captain (captains wench) wich is great! i love mine. just dont try so hard and it will come to you….


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