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Any Idea What This Was

Any Idea What This Was

Hey Guys

Rebooted my PE’ing career, started off with the newbie routine =)

Good to get back into it I must say!

So anyway yesterday I had my 4th session during midday and my penis was perfect, like no pain what so ever, had very nice flaccid hang throughout the day.all good

But went out to strippers last night and I got home horny as, I didn’t have a tug was just too tired, went to sleep, woke up with a hardon but the right-side of the base of my penis was sore, I felt around the area and I thought ahhhhhhh shit, thrombosed vein? I relieved myself.twice :D (2hours apart) and the pain is no longer there! I’m very greatful as I have been extra careful with warming up and jelqing to prevent any injury!

But any idea what that could’ve been? Keeping in mind I hadn’t masturbated for about a week since today, could it have bee my penises way of saying let the damn pressure out?

Thanks for reading guys


You already had three sessions done in the morning and did a forth midday? Isn’t that overdoing it a little?

But it was probably just strained a little. You expect muscle pain after a full workout, why not with PE? And as with a normal workout I presume it helps to keep the blood flowing in order for your body to repair itself. (cooling down) So in that way your quick fix might have helped.

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Lol no, I could’ve phrased that better I guess

By 4th session I meant - 4th day of PE going by 2 on 1 off

Hope it was just a little strain and nothing more serious :)

Cheers for the reply

Watch out for Over-training yourself bro.;)

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I think it’s from stretching. You just got a great lig stretch. That happens to me all the time. And I’m happy when I get soreness at the base because fore some reason whenever I measure after some soreness I always get gains. I gauge the effectivity of my stretching with the soreness. No sore = not good, sore = good.

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