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Any idea what I'm doing wrong 4 months with no gains.

4 months with no real gains

I have read a ton of information and started with the newbie routine back in October. With the exception of taking a 3-week break while on vacation, I have been at it around 4 days/week. I followed it exactly for awhile and slowly started adding to it. Here is the current routine I’ve built up to:

5-minute warmup
Stretching in all directions for a total of about 10 minutes
A stretches
Wet Jelq ~100 times (2-3 seconds each)
5-minute warm down

I also do fowfers and kegels randomly throughout the day.

As far as erect length, I have seen no gains to speak of (I’m at around 5.8” BPEL/4.9” EG - about right where I started) and have not noticed any major improvements in EQ. Although I have not taken measurements, my FL and FG appears to have gained, but this is not really my concern. My NBPEL is at 4.8” and I’m not overweight at all so I’m not sure why I have a 1” fat pad. The end result is a penis I’m definitely not satisfied with (and I know my girlfriend isn’t either although she’d never say anything.) It’s constantly slipping out during sex and she’s always asking me if I can go deeper and I try but she keeps asking so clearly it’s not deep enough. She’s great about it but it’s extremely frustrating. There are times when she’s on top and it slips out and she doesn’t even notice.

Is it possible that PE just isn’t for me? Am I doomed? Is there anything I should try adding? Is it possible to go 4 fairly dedicated months with no gain and then suddenly start gaining?

I was at least expecting some newbie gains by now! How long does it generally take?

Also - the consensus seems to be that LOT means nothing but I do have a high LOT (between 10 and 11) and the last month I’ve been EXTRA focused on downward stretches JUST IN CASE that’s what is holding me back. It hasn’t seemed to help.

I also have a distinct baseball bat shape. Between the middle and the base my penis is VERY thin. Is there a way to focus more on that area for girth? Is it possible this is what is holding me back?

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I’m very frustrated.

Start (10/07/08) - BPEL: 5.75; EG: 4.9

Goal - BPEL: 6.50; EG: 5+

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I’d say your should raise the number of jelqs and the frequency of workouts - after 4 months a 3 on/1 off should do the way to go. But this alone can’t explain lack of gains.

What is also surpising is that your EQ has not improved; I think it’s the first time I read such a thing. How are your others PI’s?

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I will stick with it a little longer and try your suggestions and hopefully I will start to see some gains.

My erection quality has improved SLIGHTLY, but not more than when I used to do kegels alone. There is definitely not a drastic difference.

When I’m doing stretches my flaccid stretched length has definitely increased as well as my standard flaccid state, but my real concern is with gaining erect length and girth and thus far I have no noticeable gains in that department.

That being said, I have not noticed any negative effects.

Start (10/07/08) - BPEL: 5.75; EG: 4.9

Goal - BPEL: 6.50; EG: 5+

If your FSL has increased, erect gains should be near. Maybe you are a “more is more” kind of PEer. Raise the frequency of sessions and raise also the number of jelqs. You could try dry-jelqs, also.

I can kind of relate when it comes to the whole girlfriend situation.

Don’t give up.. Some people gain quicker than others. I agree with what marinera said. Try to increase your jelqing to maybe 150-200 and take it from there. You said you have not experienced any negative PI’s so I think you will be okay. You just might be the “more is more” kind of guy. Just take it easy and don’t build up too quickly.

Most importantly, stay motivated and dedicated.
Just because you have not found out what works for you just yet doesn’t mean you never will. There’s hope that you can achieve a penis that you and your girlfriend will both be happy with so that should be enough to keep you going.

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