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Any get better PIs after do too much PE

Any get better PIs after do too much PE

I hadn’t done any PE in a month, and even then it was like once a week. I never really had good PIs ever, but last night I used the vac hanger or whatever it’s called strapped to my leg, and tried to sleep in it. I got a few hours, before it woke me up and I took it off. Long story short I got an erection so hard it woke me up. I don’t really get morning wood, I can’t even remember the last time.

Is it possible for PE to give better PI’s?

Proper PE should give positive PIs.

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You have night woods even if you are not aware of that - at least if you are healthy. The device you worn made you aware of the erection because it was felt like a little trouble. You should not wear anything attached to your penis while sleeping.

Well it happened hours after I took it off, and went back to sleep, in the morning. I know it’s not supposed to be good, which is why I am surprised to get good PI’s.

Because it had fighted normal night woods and your body was checking if everything was ok, I guess.

I wouldn’t risk vacADSing at night man, you put your leg in a stressing position, vacuum on your head for a really long time could result in nerve damage!

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