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Any gains from edging

Any gains from edging

Hi guys! I heard in this forum some guys got gains from edging.

Can anybody tell me what type of routine should I do?

Every day? Breaks? And for how long?

Do you squeeze or just try to keep an erection ?and for how long?

An advice please?

I can’t imagine you’d get much in terms of gains from that; other than more cum, of course.

Even if there’s a slight benefit from it, have you tried the newbie routine yet? It’s much more likely to produce results.

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Hi m7! Yes I’m doing the newbie routine,I’m going into my 8 week and seems something is changing a bit maybe a little gain.

I’m doing this routine at the moment,

14 stretches of 30 sec
18 stretches of 10 sec
4x30 sec=2 min of a stretch
And 20 clamping for 10 sec just at the base,trying to squeeze as much blood I can but only for 10 sec.

After 7 weeks do you think I’m doing right?

Any advice will be helpful thanks

That’s not the newbie routine, I think. Where are jelqs?

I believe KoolJohn, the Irishman has claimed gains from what he believes to be edging. Personally I don’t see how it’s possible, but I remember reading him raving about edging and he’s made pretty good gains.

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There is a distinction between edging and “ballooning”. Edging, is basically getting to the edge of ejaculation, and kegeling and/or stopping stimulation before cumming.

Ballooning is actually getting to the edge, changing the location of stimulation and “ballooning”. There is a thread called, (I think), “ballooning, sweet rewards” or similar, by Werner Ashford. His thread will help you understand the difference.

I think ballooning after a routine will help solidify the potential gain from the workout. Edging will absolutely help with ejaculation control during sex. (that is a good thing by itself!)

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Hi guys! Thank for your answer I appreciate that. So we can say that balloon technique is to squeeze blood into penis. Is that all? Check out herbal love website for balloon and let me know what you think. I think I interesting what they say,maybe can help.

I know my routine is slightly different, but with the same amount of minutes for the stretching routine.

I just think to add more squeeze in, but I don’t squeeze too strong I think they work better than jelq.

Any comments?


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