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Any fellow Autoexender users out there

Any fellow Autoexender users out there

Hey, what’s up guys, Just added Auto-extender to my routine (finally got comfortable with newbie routine)

BPEL: 6.15
BPFL: 2.5
EG: 5.25
FG: not going to bother measuring

Anyway, just wondering if anyone out there had any funny autoextender stories? I just spent about 1/2 hour figuring mine out, which was kind of comical in itself. I’m also wearing it with Tighty-Whitey’s which is also a pretty funny picture: Two little steel rods shooting out of my jockeys is kinda funny. I can only imagine the hijinks my autoextender and I are going to see next!

I know what you mean Dandelwood. I remember shortly after I got mine, that would be just after your willy thinks ‘Wow this is a sexy contraption isn’t it!’ and reacts accordingly. I’m talking about that ideal stage when you can occupy yourself on other tasks, forget you’ve got it on and willy chills out and takes a snooze.

Anyway, there I am pottering away, when a particularly nosey neighbour pops his head over the fence, to see what I’m up to now and always being more than pleased at any opportunity to show off my latest work even to him, I sallies over, all the better to point things out, when suddenly my concentration having been broken I sense a stir :rolleyes: , it’s only junior, he has also decided that he would like to see what’s been going on as well! :uhuh:

Emergency! Emergency! What to do? Oh let’s just start a new trend and talk to everyone whilst looking over your shoulder and while you’re at it, just wave your arms around wildly like they’re attached to a windmill :whatever:

Not that you actually need any arms, if you want to point to things :gulp:

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Egads. This thing is hilarious. W/ my girth, It’s nearly impossible to get it on if I’m erect, but 70% of the time I get erect putting the damn thing on! It’s like trying to put a fire hyrdrant in a hot dog bun. In a related note, how many rubber bands does everyone here put on?

I know where you’re coming from Dandle :rolleyes:

In relation to your question on the number of rubber bands, it’s not a catapult :noreally: , so I use only one. It’s not that I’m Jewish or anything, just a bit tight :uhuh: , I mean it’s tight and certainly tight enough to allow me to economise and use those spare bands to keep all my banknotes in neat little bundles under the bed :spin2:

Two bands for each bundle :gulp:

Donate to Thunder's Place and help save the daffodils :spin2: , but remember to add an extra 30 cents every time :leftie:

Rubber bands for bank notes indeed.

Do you know Danders. he glues the bank notes to the wall to ensure the burglers can’t get them

Mind you. One shop did object when he went to pay for goods with the bedroom wall.

Your newsworthy Tit

I use 3 rubber bands. I am so skeptical about this device cause when I wear it I dont feel much of a stretch. It just feels as if a device is holding my unit in an extended state without a good stretch. When I put the device on I stretch my unit out but I dont feel anything.

Well, if I put three bands on (the only way I can prevent slippage from happening when I inevitably get a woody) it helps to avoid to slippage, and I can get a solid stretch in for about 1 hour at a time with a 15 minute circulation break in between.

Wow one hour, the most I can get is like 15-20 minutes with a 5-10 minutes break before my penis gets cold and colored. Any longer and I think I might have to hook it up to Jumper Cables to get it back to life, haha. If I put one rubber band on, then theres not enough pressure. If I put two on its more than enough to give a good grip and allow for me to get a good stretch. Every few minutes I’ll tighten it a little more and by the end of the 15 minutes, my penis is stretched out to about 7.5 inches.

"I live my life one stretch at a time" Current Stats: 10/15/05- 7-1/4 bpel x 4-15/16 girth GOAL: 8 bpel x 5.5


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