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Any exercises to get a bigger head


I know that all forms of PE started out with people critisizing those methods as dangerous and that your dick would turn black and fall off while you were sleeping. But with the years that have gone into PE, some things are still considered experimental and one of those things in my opinion is noose hanging from the glans while erect at that level. The bundle of nerves at the top of the penis shaft will be strangled here and may over time cause damage. We just dont know, nobody does. No newbie should attempt this at all and Ill make you a bet, there won’t be an experienced hanger on here that would advocate erect hanging.

You only have one cock use it wisely.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

This is not an exercise for a newbie, you do not want to get the cart ahead of the horse. It is a bit of a misnomer to label this “erect hanging,” in my opinion you cannot hang erect due to physiological factors. The excessive force will cause your erection to subside quickly. You can secure the hanger to the semi-erect penis and attach weights and you will see erectile pressure being reduced quickly, it is just nature taking over to prevent a broken shaft.

I engorge to accept as much blood as possible and then apply the hanger in a way that gives optimal size to the glans, to enlarge the glans requires increasing forces in a controlled manner and this hanging routine does that better than anything that I have found. It works quite well, I have a very nice shaped large symmetrical head. It certainly is much easier on the unit than clamps from my experience. I have been hanging for quite some time and use 15lbs for this particular process, my glans has not suffered any ill effects or discoloration.

If you have a head that responds properly to Uli type exercises and balloons proportionately to the shaft, you may benefit from this exercise. Some people have glans that do not manipulate well due to genetics and circulatory factors and cannot take advantage of head enlargement.


Your dick is going to explode.

It does on occasion.

I tried the head didnt work for me.very dissappointing, maybe I’m doing something wrong


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